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  1. Yes mate , artificial light can be used as long as your other fowl arent in the same building and the correct vitamins and supplements are used Duckwing
  2. I bow to the superior knowledge and expertise of your many many yrs in the game ukroosterman Duckwing
  3. As the nights darken they spend too much time on the perch instead of eating and exercising .... during the growing periods ..... majority of late bred broods will be noticeably smaller in weight than there February and March hatched full brothers at similar ages some families can come short legged as well when late bred .
  4. Gingers are very typey ...... I would be surprised if they are all pullets but its not unheard of .... fingers crossed you may have a nice stag worth breeding from within the 16 .... its far too late to set now the youngsters never do as well out of late hatches duckwing
  5. Nice gingers donny .... good length of back and better feather than a lot of gingers these days however its a shame this site is still loaded with ... to be frank ...cranks ! Its illegal to dub after 72 hrs old .... Remember that and remember these sites are watched constantly by the animal rights nutters ... Duckwing
  6. Agreed mark ..... great lads very helpful and ready to help genuine lads
  7. Glad you lads are still getting a kick out of the thread its a great family hobby and something that doesn't need a lot of garden space to be competitive , lads can keep them living in town .... and no elaborate set ups needed well iam off ..... got the stock to sort all the best duckwing
  8. Good little mix uk ..... very similar to what the majority use here , tho I add a few bits more and dont use chick crumbs I soak a pellet . Duckwing
  9. tweed crap , How am I crabbing a bird when ive said they look good .... ??? They are good average fowl ... no ones put anything outstanding on here imo . ... and thetes been more culls than barnburners . Both you and your son willie thorn seem and along yer friends o.t.t. the theif and ukiwannabeinthepapers ... seem to think that you have something outstanding in your pens .... maybe amongst the travellers you have !.... but theres a hundred or more men I can think of have equal and better ! The sears whitehackles and muffs were imported before you went over .... and we have ru
  10. Since you asked uk .... They are good looking fowl from the looks .... you photograph the same fowl ? .... have you only a handful ? Two things .... jump board is too close to the roof ... you will snap wing flights on the roof . Secondly .... thats a very stupid move you made with putting these particular photos up ..... One way or the other kid you want to make yourself famous .... Duckwing
  11. What lines do they originate from ?
  12. I bring up the subject .... because its the biggest problem with the gamefowl scene over the last two decades with many good men and families lost to constant thefts oft wiping out a decades work in one hit ..... that alone puts it at the forefront of every ones mind . charlie dickson gingers ..... he was a friend of some old friends of mine gifting them many fowl .... he received his gingers from Henry parsons who imported them from r.a. mcintyre in the states .... where the family was known as the felix flatheads due to them throwing the odd pea combed fowl ...... I saw many of
  13. Willie .... can I ask you ... have you not found the wide perches turns some fowl duck toed thru sitting on a flat surface ? Duckwing
  14. Charlie .... dont think iam being argumentative .... I will give you my views on the fowl and I hope you take them as they are meant .... constructive ! Lets go thru them ..... Look at their stance .... the backs too short exaggerated which throws their breast forward . And neck back look at the wing clip of them which isnt tight to the body caused by the width of back ..... being overly wide between the wings and too tight going towards the tail .... in short the classic bullocks heart shape looked for by the Carlisle club .... Now I know they are not Carlisle per se bu
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