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  1. Yes you can, but I would rather just have a tea caddy full of dried nettles, so I can simply make a cup each morning
  2. I do a fair bit of ferreting and air rifle rabbit control in the North Yorkshire area, I am retired now so have a lot more time on my hands, you are quite welcome to pm me if you don't get sorted, many thanks, darkwood
  3. Thanks Paulus that sounds simple enough, my intention is to make asort of half rosehip half nettle dried mixture for making tea,most suggestions for drying rosehip involves dehydrators or 7 hours in the oven being a cheapskate I would like to try alternatives
  4. Hi folks, I've just found out about the benefits of nettle and rosehip tea,I would like to store enough to last until the next harvest, any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks
  5. Thanks, it wasn't really my intention to get that many rabbits,so I've invested in one of those food bag sealer things and half filled the wife's freezer with jointed rabbits in various marinades
  6. I was out a fortnight ago, I know its early but I was short of ferret food,anyway I ferreted a big Warren on a steep bank in a sheep field using two 50yd quicksets and finished up with 15 rabbits, a couple of days later I was asked to use the quicksets on a field of rape while it was being harvested and got another 26, freezer is full now ,happy days
  7. I've only had 2 rabbits in the same net twice in over 50 years of ferreting, and both occasions they came from the same Warren and the same hole!!!
  8. I freeze rabbits whole,gutted of course, I then half them with an axe and put the front half in with three ferrets, and the next day the back half, they do very well , they occasionally get trout and mackerel heads ,eggs pigeons , crows ect.
  9. I once got one with a Brocken snare round it's neck, 15 shotgun pellets and 3 airgun pellets in it , a gin trap on its back foot ,bLind in one eye, both ears missing. And a severe case of myxymatosis and totally bald
  10. Yeah it's a sad day when a faithful old worker dies,I have a Jill that is at least ten years old, she is blind now and very doddery, but she still comes out of the nest box every morning, although in slow motion,she's been retired now for four years ,I will miss her when she goes. ATB
  11. You would think the Chinese could knock out ferret locaters at a tenner a go,
  12. I don't think ferrets droppings bother rats,when I clean my ferrets out the waste goes into plastic sacks,and in the past rats have gnawed into the bags and removed rabbit skins ,egg shells etc,,,
  13. Straight swop View Advert I am after a long net or quick set net,I will do a straight swop for a nice hw77 in22 recent service new factory spring and tin bum kit ,I am in teeside , thanks Advertiser darkwood Date 26/11/19 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  14. View Advert Clear out H w35 177 With nikko sterling gold crown scope good working order. Hw 77 needs repair. Plus two antique air rifles one working one not. £80 the lot buyer to collect teeside Advertiser darkwood Date 12/03/19 Price £80.00 Category Airguns
  15. Have a look below the barrage on the river tees, the seals are slaughtering salmon and sea trout on a daily basis
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