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  1. hi. my air arms s410 is leaking air badly. can anyone tell me where I can send it to get it sorted please?
  2. i'v got 2 bipods and they both cover the hole where the fill adaptor goes
  3. i'v got a bipod on my bsa r10 mk2. i'v got to take it off to fill it. just something to think about!
  4. hi everyone. what's the best pellet for my bsa r10 177?
  5. i'm a roofer. we had a nest with chicks in it on a flat roof that we had to renew. you should have seen them guarding the nest. really aggressive.
  6. loads of swallows here but i'v not seen a swift
  7. raccoon dog. must have escaped from somewhere.
  8. who's had snow? we've had a couple of inches here on Anglesey. more on the way so they say.
  9. went lamping last night. very few rabbits about for this time of year. what's it like where you are?
  10. I know the lad who's got rat one. he does live here on Anglesey.
  11. i'v got a whippet x greyhound. she's great on the lamp and with the ferrets. she's a bit small for anything else.
  12. the bloke had a helmet on. should have nutted him!
  13. pepper 45


    if you get one, make sure its a good one. I wouldn't recognise myself in some of the ones iv seen.
  14. has anyone got one? what do you think of them? I'm thinking of getting one.
  15. looks like 27 nov 1890 or 1896
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