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  1. hi all. can anyone help me please? i'v got a bsa r10 that's leaking air. is there anywhere near to Anglesey, North Wales that could fix it? thanks.
  2. hi mate, have you still got the jack pike fieldman fleece for sale?

    1. Davy T

      Davy T


      Yeah ,got  , l,xl,xxl available

  3. I use the cordless one. much easyer
  4. there seems to be more rats about this year for some reason.
  5. has pigeon shooting been banned?
  6. hi all. can anyone recommend a good night vision add on please?
  7. did anyone see countryfile on sunday???
  8. fair play to you! mine wants to go lamping to, might take her one night. by the way get her some wellies
  9. I had a bitch years ago who did the same. she would carry a rabbit all the way back then let it go right by my feet. her brother would carry a rabbit back but wouldn't let go of it.
  10. I'v got one. She works fine with the ferrets and nets and on the lamp. She's about 21". she carries every rabbit she gets back to hand.
  11. what about magic mushrooms! though I wouldn't know what one looked like!
  12. There's loads of mushrooms about this year for some reason. I'v even had some in the garden, never had any there before. What's it like where you are??
  13. let me know next time you'r over my way and i'll tell you where to get them,
  14. you went to the wrong side of the island mate, the bass are the other side. every one you catch have to be put back though. there are loads of rabbits this year for some reason but mixi usually comes before winter.
  15. i'v tried that but its the same as before. there's a lot to be said for a springer!!
  16. leaking from the barrel where the pellet goes.
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