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  1. delswal

    World Cup 2018

    Paint ya own head or cant you afford that much paint
  2. delswal


    Work ??? I remember you when you were a snot nosed apprentice lol, you pinched more gear than you laid...............psssttttt got some plastering i need doing soon, you want to price it ?
  3. delswal

    Weed ;)

    It's happening now in Leeds Daniel, crew there with quality gear and simply packing and branding it as a Calofornian import and charging silly money, and getting it. Same outfit will buy anybodies crop as long as its quality and simply package it and whack the price up.........starting at £35 for 2 grm some folk are just blinded by the packing and believe they getting something above the norm............mugs
  4. delswal

    Sunderland 1 Burton Albion 2 !!!!

    If Hartlepool get promoted next season max they could well be playing Sunderland soon if they do not shape up,who have thought you could be watching both your beloved teams in a league Derby match. Thank fouk for Newcastle and Middlesbrough for keeping a little bit of football pride in the north east eh
  5. delswal

    Fury return

    Just hope he can keep his big daft mouth shut, and keep away from dressing up as Batman, or he will end up looking like a big daft dancing bear in Warrens circus
  6. delswal

    Working at height

    Happened to me 30 years ago it would be now, same as you doing the same job I had been doing for years. I was on a set of trebles half way up the third, when the ladders slipped slightly just as they had done many times before. Instead of grabbing the ladders and jerking them back to where they slipped from, which would of only been an inch or two at the most I gripped them ladders like my life depended on it, my knuckles were whiter than white it took my pal almost 30 minutes to guide me down. Why it happened I've no idea, but it's something I will never forget, that was my roofing days over for good.
  7. delswal

    Burglary. Charged for murder

    If it was the USA the old fella might have taken them both down with a firearm, but I guess one out of two aint to shabby, fair play to the old fella. Just hope he is not to shaken up after the ordeal.
  8. delswal

    Burglary. Charged for murder

    I would have thought that a 78yr old man in his own home, up against at least one of the intruders who was half his own age wielding a screwdriver accompanied by another and manhandling enough to cause bruises would be enough to justify the force used. Lets hope that common sense takes place in this case, and not British justice and political correctness or the old fella will be up against it. Me, personally I think he will face some form of charge, but walk free.
  9. delswal

    Burglary. Charged for murder

    Can't really see what they can charge him with, he was in his own home and being threatened by a man half his age wielding a screwdriver, there is no intent to charge the man with, after all he was not sat around waiting to intend to stab anybody entering his property, he was not in possession of any offenecive weapon with any intent to cause harm. I hope all his neighbours rally round and support him and when the police and cps have finished with him, take the old fella out for a slap up meal.
  10. delswal

    Boxing News.

    Hope it's to say he's not going to sing again
  11. delswal

    Boxing News.

    Could be the big pay and big fight Saunders wants coming up.
  12. delswal

    parking tickets

    What was the maximum cost of parking there all day? challenge the ticket and offer to pay the maximum contractual hours of parking, make sure you keep a copy of offer of payment if they decide to take you to court. Legally the most they can charge you is the maximum term of stay for breech of contract. DON'T IGNORE IT............CHALLENGE IT.
  13. delswal

    Another new member.

    when she asks me to fetch her anything I tend to reply in my Hartlepool dialect..............feck off
  14. delswal

    Another new member.

    I married a Bullwell lass...........all I get when her half visit is.....................all right me duck, drives me mental lol
  15. delswal

    sunderlands good luck did not last long

    More chance of Hartlepool winning the FA cup next season than Sunderland have of stopping up, all them Sunderland fans gloating when Newcastle went down, Sunderland should have kept their eyes on their ball and not Newcastles, that Karma is one nasty bitch
  16. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    Regardless of how he got them he's got them. If Fury valued them more than he did cocaine he would have kept them would he not. Fury does not have the mentality to be a world champion, a fighter he his, boxing skills he has, but the minute he starts singing like a dick and running about dressed as Batman says it all. When the man can conduct himself out of the ring as well as he can inside it he might get the respect of a world champion, but don't count on it, controversy is just one step behind every step he takes.
  17. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    Totally agree with your comments on that Mick, hence take every advantage you can, fight at home when you can and if you can, like I said take a look at Mayweather Jnr and Ward never done them any harm did it?
  18. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    Sums him up, think he looks better than he did as Batman the crack pot
  19. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    If Fury is serious about making a come back Cushty, should he not be fighting the likes of Parker or Whyte 2-3 fights and if he gets through them then be given the chance to have a fight with Joshua? Surely Fury wont be thinking he will just need 1 or 2 warm up fights with no hopers then get a crack at Joshua he will need to earn a title shot just like every other boxer
  20. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    Mick if AJ can fight at home why travel? Now he's champion with various belts contenders should come to him, if memory serves me right, I might be wrong here, but I believe both Floyd Mayweather jnr nor Andre Ward ever fought outside of the USA, does that make them any less of a champion? Personally if I was in charge of AJ I would be telling the boxing world, you want these belts you come here and take them, granted he never travelled to get his, but is that his fault? No, thats good work from his back room staff. Joshua will travel one day all the way to Vegas and get a pay day like some can only dream of, but whats the rush he's a 28 yr old with only 21 fights, he's got what everbody wants, time and the belts.
  21. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    The position Joshua is now means he will be facing the top heavyweights, if they are not good enough to test him and beat him thats not his fault it's just the boxing era he happens to be in, and at this moment in time he is the best in the era and the top money spinner, give the man some credit ffs he can only fight who is put in front of him. Whats the point in comparing him to fighters who fought a decade or more ago? Would Fury of beaten Witherspoon Tyson Lewis Bugner Bruno Spinx ect..........They are never gonna fight so why compare, be happy with what we have at the moment the best heavywieght in the world with three belts, but no like the great British public we are we find it easier to put our sporting greats down rather than praise them.
  22. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    Why? What makes Tyson so appealing he's not exactly the most excting fighter to watch, he seems more entertaining on social media sites. As mentioned on more than one occaission on here that fight with Klitschko was boring to watch any day of the week, but Tyson did enough to win, thats all he did. Joshua does the same goes the distance for a unanimous win in a better fight to watch and gets slated. Joshua will give and take more from boxing than Tyson ever did or will.
  23. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    He talks shite instead of typing it, thats the only difference
  24. delswal

    Parker vs Joshua

    We now have a British boxer who holds the WBA IBF WBO belts 21 fights and 21 wins, and he still gets nocked for winning? What do folk want for ffs, looks like he had a game plan and stuck to it and it paid dividends. No fighetr has ever held all the four belts, I think Joshua has a very good chance now of being the first, not bad for a young OK fighter eh Max? If Joshua holding them belts is not enough motivation for Tyson to get fit again then nothing will be, shut up with the trash talk Tyson, get fit or feck off and shut up.
  25. delswal

    Best terrier for bushing rabbits

    Ask for the dog on trial, if not invite it's owner down for a bit of bush work and see for yourself how it performs. No trial or a day out with you leave it alone