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    The Gamefair

    Deker, you do realise is when walshie says he's always up for a drink, what he really means is.......he's always up for somebody else buying him a drink, tight git.
  2. delswal

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Yeah because he's a thick cnut.........once the trial was over and done with he could have said whatever he wanted where he wanted, but no he had to run his fecking mouth again.................all good for him down the line though somewhere out of this he will make thousands ffs
  3. delswal


    More commonly known as ecstasy Bill
  4. delswal

    Semi 12g

    Had an Hatsan once, good for one thing...............knocking fence posts in, guess I got one of the bad uns, but never got a bad Berretta or Remmington
  5. delswal


    MMA? sounds like most on here are on fecking MDMA
  6. delswal

    10/1 it’s RIP TODAY

    Lol fecking classic
  7. delswal

    That's townies for ya lol

    Yeah tractor driver saw sense and ran the pair of daft tw&ts over
  8. delswal

    10/1 it’s RIP TODAY

    He was odds on to go at some time Ken
  9. delswal

    Wow. That's a lot of foxes.

    Maybe it was just your charm that attracted them huh lol
  10. delswal

    Has my boy been used for stud?

  11. delswal

    Pup coming along now 8 moths old

    That's rich coming from you, where do you get the experience from to pass on? Remind us how old your Bedlington is and why that ain't out and on em ? Sry coco not meaning to spoil ya thread..............handsome dog you got there, take ya time with it and you will reap the rewards pal
  12. delswal


    You're an argumentative fool at times OT, actually most of the times
  13. delswal


    Here we go again...............what was as it Dobbie told you, "for once OT shut up and listen" please take her advice .............The Grayling is naturally a river fish, but hey you crack on
  14. delswal


    of the river OT........Grayling is a river fish not lake fish ( flowing water fish) dare say that's why they have a nice large dorsal fin
  15. delswal


    last time I fished the Swale was at topcliffe, few nice chub.........never hit into any big barble most around 5lb mark.........but hey in fast water you knew ya hit em
  16. delswal


    Katchum........do you ever fish bedale beck? used to go there 25+years ago for the grayling had some tidy fish from there
  17. delswal


    Nothing better Don, than a Swale Chub on the stick float or light feeder rod, had a few in my days light tackle and decent Chub make for a good decent scrap
  18. Can't see anybody with a better method than that pal, good tidy job that
  19. delswal


    Aye tis a good carp OT
  20. delswal


    The look on that carps face says it all.....................Oh ffs of all the people to catch me, it had to be this cnut lol
  21. delswal


  22. delswal


    Yourself included in what? raised by a single parent...............surely the rest does not relate to you lol
  23. delswal


    Sry pal my bad lol
  24. delswal


    My apologies Dobbie, no offence meant I did think that was OT ..............my bad nobody else's
  25. delswal


    None taken