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  1. S.Maclean

    HW95 with luxus stock

    Pm sent
  2. S.Maclean

    HW95 with luxus stock

    Where are you located?
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  5. Does anyone know what the physical marker is for where the free stretch of Broken Scar around to Blackwell ends and becomes Darlington Brown Trout water? I know it's 1100 feet from the bridge but is there a specific marker, there are old signposts and old fences around that look as though they could've been used.
  6. S.Maclean

    Do It All Rifle

    ^gospel in my opinion
  7. S.Maclean

    Nice Pike On Lure

    Was a bit late there... I was quite a way off like.
  8. S.Maclean

    Nice Pike On Lure

    Going off my logic I'd have said 17lb, again hard to tell accurately because it's a photo but slightly shorter than OP's photo I think. I'm intrigued to know the weight now, I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. Ps. Cracking photo bobcullen
  9. S.Maclean

    Nice Pike On Lure

    I agree pike can be deceiving, I just go off a 1 metre pike is around 20lb (I think I read it in an old fishing book) and for me that's never been too far wrong. Obviously the girth of the fish is a factor also. I could easily be way off the mark with my estimate of length as it is a photo with no real way to work out accurately.
  10. S.Maclean

    Nice Pike On Lure

    Definitely 20lb+. Nice catch.
  11. S.Maclean

    My New Toy

    Personally I don't like thumbholes. However, that's a beauty stock.
  12. S.Maclean

    Do You Hunt With A Springer?

    I only ever hunt with springers. I prefer springers to pcp all day long, personally. If I were shooting for any kind of commercial reason I would use a pcp no questions but for recreational use it's Springer all day long for me. More fun, more skill and more sporting. Just my opinion.
  13. Just be sensible about it. What's more important is knowing when you have a pellet ready to shoot, because you never where it could be pointing when it goes off. If you couldn't leave it cocked no-one would hunt with it.
  14. S.Maclean

    Help With Fishing In General

    Oh right, so it's not the location then because I didn't have much hope for you in that pond . Aye we'll arrange it sometime then, personally i'm like air gun ant and prefer to stalk them and drop my bait on top of them but I've sat in a bivvy before as well so it's up to you, I'll impart what knowledge I can. I owe you a trip out anyway, I did say I would.
  15. S.Maclean

    Help With Fishing In General

    Read read read and if possible get someone with a wealth of experience to take you out. I learnt by reading... A lot, going out and giving it a bash and learning from my dad. If you stick at it and can handle many blank days you'll get there eventually. A good location helps as well, you can't catch a fish if there aren't any out there. You still fishing that old pond? I'm by no means an expert or anywhere close but I'll have a look out with you if you want Michael. Just pm me.