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  1. Dunt know off the top of my head so I won't guess and maybe lie
  2. I was surprised how he turned out but Dam was beddy whippet collie and Sire bull grey whippet. Either way he's turning really handy for me on all game
  3. Hi lads I know I'm no regular contributer on this forum so don't necessarily expect much but I'll try anyway. Anyone know of any litters coming up in the North East at reasonable money, after 1 or 2 ratting and mooching Jack Russells to bring on with my other dogs but can't seem to find any with reliable working blood for normal money. Everything is at designer dog prices nowadays even the unproven lurchers fetch crazy numbers. Any help would be appreciated but I know many are in the same boats Cheers Scott
  4. Otter. That's their thing, take a big fish and eat the neck.
  5. Must admit I didn't think it was a problem it was other people making me doubt it. Looks like might be 2 new additions. Which makes 3 this year so far
  6. Wondering if anyone can clarify transport from Northern Ireland to England, we are looking at a couple of pups and wondering where you stand with rabies etc, I keep seeing that you should have it all in order but then contacted a ferry provider in Scotland and they said it was not a requirement and now I'm confused. Just need clarification
  7. Thanks for all the constructive comments like I say it's never been too much of an issue because I just knew they weren't around them but my new dogs coming through are gonna be with me in and out feeding the horses/donkeys, mucking round etc virtually 8 hours a day mixing with various stuff so I'll keep a long lead on for a good while and keep the recall as I always would. I just know my Jack Russell's never understood that bigger animals were dangerous well I'm glad anyway because I'm settled on patterdales... Anything smaller than them they can rag to bits.
  8. I'm very much considering patterdales as my next foray into dogs but still considering my options, I've had Jack Russell's in the past but never bothered introducing them to other animals as it wasn't an issue. Just after some experience from you guys as to whats possible and what to expect both off lead and on lead with daily exposure as I live with my animals. Hoping to be able to avoid a horse/donkey stampede trampling sheep and my latest puppy getting disembowelled by a goat.
  9. So I assume you'd recommend one whether I go .410 or 20.
  10. It's gonna be for getting some birds, rats and rabbits. Bit of snap shooting or decoying etc. Just in and around the stable blocks and relatively close to house. I'm after versatile option, despite having air rifles
  11. Well now I feel totally inadequate with pics like that going around.
  12. Couldn't agree more, that's my excuse to the missus for such a big gun safe. It's gonna be for a few reasons, start introducing the manimals to shots, but mainly for an option when shooting the bunnies and corvids around the stables and relatively close to the house without disturbing everyone, I shoot a lot with air rifles but I like a different sport at times plus the option of snap shooting. I've got the 12 for when I'm doing a proper job but I would like a hushpower it's just now .410 or 20 and I think the 20 is sounding more versatile.
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