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  1. Signed hard back £80 posted uk
  2. Fence hopper had a decent first cross, think it was about 24 "... I went over to his to line my beddy whip years ago but she didn't take
  3. pipa

    Do you own these?

    1. popps


      No mate I owned the blue dog till 9 month was gonna keep him but the wife was on my case too many dogs they are off 2 litters out of milk and cookie a fellas from Sheffield come to pay deposit on the black and white pup and seen him and bought him aswell just got started last season and has done everything apart from fox

    2. pipa


      What breeds in mix?

    3. popps
  4. popps

    Pups wat I bred from mylo both 26 inchIMG-20181114-WA0003.jpg.cf7c10074dce2f570c08181c89cc8cca.jpgIMG-20190116-WA0009.jpg.ebaef71dc308b36ae7075dfa255aefa0.jpgIMG-20181227-WA0006.jpg.6a73059840ce21d74ebc7483656b5d1e.jpg




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    2. pipa


      Nice them mate, has the grey dog been stripped ? 

    3. popps
    4. popps


      Cookie and mylo got em both off u ugog me 2 pups and kept 1 that's her and milo

  5. 15ft terrier collar works with mk1 boxes...strong stuff collar 07807721355
  6. popps

    A quick 1 for you mate how old will mylo my dog be now

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    2. pipa


      This dog pup came back last week 4 months old.... my mate took it


    3. pipa
    4. popps
  7. pipa


    Pm you topperChris
  8. Anyone help me out getting contact with Steve? Please don't put his contact details on here drop me a pm or txt Chris 07952094349
  9. 100yrd long net, poles and basket, needs setting up £100 wakefield, can post extra £15 07952094349
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