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  1. pipa


    Are they albino ?
  2. popps

    A quick 1 for you mate how old will mylo my dog be now

  3. pipa

    Lets See Your Working Russells

    My bitch, parkins line
  4. pipa


    Pm you topperChris
  5. pipa

    Steve Parkin

    Sorted now thanks
  6. Anyone help me out getting contact with Steve? Please don't put his contact details on here drop me a pm or txt Chris 07952094349
  7. 100yrd long net, poles and basket, needs setting up £100 wakefield, can post extra £15 07952094349
  8. 100yrd long net, basket and poles, needs setting up £100 wakefield pick up, can post for extra £15 07952094349
  9. pipa

    Arthur Nixon.

    Rip Arthur Nixon, I had the pleasure of meeting him when he came to visit me a couple of yrs ago
  10. 2 15ft ferret collars , £70 posted or £40 each posted 07952094349 0
  11. Mates packed in so selling his silver hob ferret, he works, I kept a Jill he had but i already have 2 hobs £10 wakefield 07952094349