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  1. 3 Jills and 1 hob left, ready in next 2 weeks 07807721355
  2. So who owns the new locators? Is it a legit set up with customer care and a repair department? will there be a warranty on them? Deben had a whole lot of problems with the mk3 boxes and collars which I believe led to financial difficulties that discontinued sales.
  3. BobThe ferret , I don't think it's extortionate either mate, I would pay £25 no problem for a ferret kit knowing it's from a good honest working line that will be fed on rabbit and we'll handled , to me this is worth their weight in gold. I think it's reasonably priced considering what they are going for on preloved and they probably have not even seen a rabbit? Plus I would like to think £25 would put off any ferret peddlers buying and selling them to gain profit. Also it's all to easy to pick up a ferret for £5 and neglect it or pass it on from pillar to post...Also I would like to state
  4. Albino ferret kits, bred from a long line of good working albinos.. rabbit fed, kits ready in 5 weeks.... 1 Hob 4 Jills..... £25 wakefield. Can wats app pics ....07807721355
  5. Finally.... got a bitch pup, beddy grey breeding From genuine dog men, Thsnks
  6. A lad on facebook from Barnsley had a litter for sale on a bull weaton greyhound group, think he wanted £300 for them
  7. They dare not put them up for sale on this site for covid peddlers prices as they will get ribbed off of the genuine working lad's on here, they put them on preloved so they cannot be identified.... I put an add up wanting a rabbiting dog bitch pup for around £300 after losing my bitch on new years day due to spinal injury, a lad contacted me on here saying he's bred his bitch and I could have one if a bitch was spare, now he's gifted the bitch (still in pup) to his friend and his friend now wants daft money (like you do) that)..... no thanks... sooner wait for genuine working lads prices th
  8. Been let down again, as above if there's any decent bitch pups around plz contact me, a very good working home awaits... I don't sell on or make profit on dogs and nevef have, it's here to stay for good so no more Covid puppy peddlers who breed every 6 months, I'm after a pup from a genuine working lad with genuine working dog prices, I can be vetted by people on here that will vouch for me. Chris
  9. View Advert Wanted rabbiting lurcher bitch pup Wanting a decent beddyx grey or beddy grey whippet or collie whippet grey or of similar mixed breed bitch pup to make around 23" 24" for rabbiting/ ferreting I've just lost my best pal and ferreting/ mouching partner lurcher bitch Kimbra of 8 yrs of age due to colliding into a tree whilst out ferreting on new yrs eve, she had dislocated her shoulder and damaged lung and her back resulting in being paralysed so I had no option but to have her put to sleep yesterday at my local vets, im absolutely gutte
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