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  1. Think me brother has found one in Durham belonging to a mate. My mate has a beauty but it’s a mearl and the bitch is a mearl so that’s out the question
  2. Just wondering if and one out there has a good collie lurcher that’s been tested . My brother has a bitch that’s 4 years old now. It’s unbelievable the best dog iv probably seen.he’s wanting a pup out off her in the summer. There’s a few dogs about our area but they haven’t really been tested like his bitch. Just wondering if any one can help. Collie grayhound/ ...collie grayhound whippet/ ... collie grayhound Bedlington type he’s not to picky just wants Summit that a good dog and been used. Thanks
  3. Classic Iv got one had it years not like the lightfore were ya have to buy new one every season the old cluelight last years. Iv garb that some box but we soldered a jack plug socket on to one off the strikers and plug it in to the box perfect
  4. Cracking dog. How’s it bred
  5. Never posted before coz never knew how to do it. Don’t mess with phones and pics very much but the wife just showed me how to do it so thought I’d put some on.
  6. Any one use a lightforce 140 led for lamping. If so are they any good
  7. My brothers a joiner he made about 6 off them 4 year ago brand new they beauty’s. He didn’t even bother selling them they in garage never been looked at. If one off them are any good to you
  8. My old man went out with sput he said it was a hell off a hunter. The dog lined a little saluki whippet grayhound bitch with it at Scotland me old man got me a pup he’ll off a bitch it turned out
  9. Can’t beat the Bedlington x proper rabbiting dog. Old school dog Bedlington grayhound
  10. Any one up north keep working Russell’s any pups about good working ones
  11. I’m not a regular on here. Do you deal in them or have a shop.
  12. I’m after new lamp but don’t want something that spreads just a tight beam any advice.
  13. Do you guys think the title is correct.I hear people say ya get one top class dog in a life time iv had some good dogs well i think there been good dogs but one was exceptional since then none have been as good they've been decent but just couldnt top it.iv currently got one 16 moth old that's just starting and I think it's a cracker but weather it makes as good as the top one I had time will tell.what your thoughts have youse had two or even three
  14. Is it illegal to long net hairs. Can any one help me. Thanks
  15. To close now. He's had them for about 20 year same way bread as the lads who have them over here in Durham area and stuff.
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