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  1. I’ve got the 65w and totally pleased with it but would definitely recommend a extra battery high power drains it faster but I’ve noticed on high when it starts to get to low it automatically drops to medium atvb mark
  2. Science and nature on Twitter didn’t say where about unfortunately funny isn’t it even the things we hunt sorry hate the most brings a smile on our faces naaaaaaaa kill them all
  3. Just had to share https://t.co/f1cASmjzmC?ssr=true
  4. Sorry mate I’m gutted for you especially with the season just gone underway, I’ve gone most of my life without fear of anything apart from spiders and dentists but the thought of loosing blade makes the hairs on my neck stand up atvb mark
  5. I made one a few years ago and posted a little topic on here about it , I made it out of a clothes hanger with a washing bag net lol , can’t fault your thinking with the drum 10/10
  6. Trev I’ll have a little more info about injury and swimming when I get chance to see a mate who used to have a little place near me with a pool all the greyhound and whippet races swear by it
  7. He’s just gone 6 mate but he still thinks he’s two lol
  8. Jimmy it’s always a pleasure to have you and Ethan down like I said my door is always open, can I just say before we set of I did ask jimmy if he was fit and the reply was yes but they are killer hills not to steep just long still cant get over blades reaction when he seen you happy wasn’t the word next time we’ll go back there at least it’s flat lol atvb mark
  9. Tried out the 65W lamp from d Lloyd the other night . 10/10 simple as that everything was just right ,wait balance, beam, just perfect’ at last a lamp which does the job close in and really far away so another good buy from D Lloyd happy nights lamping with a good little lamp . Ps one little thing that I did notice was there was know where to attach a tether easily made right with a little parra cord
  10. No harm will come to her mate like what’s been said just trying to make here self sick ie putting finger down your throat to spew up do you were good for the next 10 Stella
  11. Dogs eat grass when they have an upset stomach mate don’t worry too much about it
  12. D Lloyd trying to send you pm your pm box must be full mate
  13. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/weihrauchowners/hw100-tweaks-t5300.html
  14. As above keep the 100 jimmy if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it you’ll only end up disappointed when are you coming for a cuppa coffee like
  15. Yeah sorry about the vid shows you how but I thought it was funny yoo
  16. If you take it out and match it mate probably you will have it
  17. Had a few things from him too bloke he’s on eBay but has his own website
  18. Shouldn’t need any thread lock on it tbo
  19. Try to loosen it first if no joy then try with heat gun hair dryer takes to long and heat won’t mark it mate and it’s simple enough if you’re careful
  20. Vice with jaw protection on stopping it getting marked and grip it at the other end mate so.many folk try to put it as close as possible not knowing there gripping it even tighter on the thread it’s also possible that you might need a bit heat on it too also a wide flat screwdriver for the brass holder what holds the spring and nipple ( I could be wrong but I’m sure it’s a opposite thread) good luck with it and don’t loose the little round brass ring that the o”ring is sitting on atvb mark
  21. He’s 20.7 TTS coming up to six years old never let me down
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