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  1. Hi mate.would it be possible for you to send him a message with my number?07480460609. Yeah I saw the posts I thought I have done that as I tried also to put the ad up lurcher wanted.just trying to learn the site.a bit rusty lol.sounds good guys on here and I really appreciate the help.its been so frustrating trying to message this guy and not knowing if he got it,it's driving me mad , Happy days tho.
  2. Anyone got a litter of lurchers? Please help in need been searching for weeks and I'm still struggling to work site so not sure if anyone has saw my ad.wanted lurcher would take a beddy/w
  3. Hi I also am looking for lurcher litter or beddy/whip .If you see anything can you give me a shout?ayrshire.
  4. Hi all I have just joined today.i live southwest Scotland. Has anybody saw the prices of dogs 5these days? I have been busy the last couple of years but now I have a son that I want to teach from scratch,new dog an all. Thing is when I have set out to buy a lurcher I noticed they are at £800/£1000 .Am I missing something?I breed brightmores line fells mine carrys the white gene anyway I dont sell them at crazy prices so two weeks I have been trying to get a lurcher female I can't justify the prices? My question is have the prices went up since I was last messing about with
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