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  1. Arnica for bruising Manuka honey for cuts etc
  2. Springer,cocker, beagle
  3. Yes but not my cup of tea looking for fox deer type dog
  4. No I just rang up about them as seen the axel dog on f,book (yes I know) the story I got was they were all sold but 4 yes 4 lads changed there minds I live miles away so asked if I could leave a deposit for a week and collect but chap said no first come first served now 3 week latter he still got them it's fisheyer than a 3 pound whore
  5. No you make them for that have a try
  6. Yea on pheasant when the hawk grabs them they are in the air so tail is not bashing about on the ground breaking feathers but when grabbing and holding rabbits on the ground it tends to rub the tail and break feathers
  7. Nice goss I find rabbits smash tail feather so only hunt them end of season after doing pheasant
  8. If you do not know that it needs pulling together and closing then I have no hope for you healing this if you do close it rember to leave a drain hole AT THE BOTTOM.
  9. Why would you need a certain type of lurcher if your never going to allow it to do what it's bred to do .
  10. I find all the good dogs that are actually doing the graft are kept quiet so they don't get taken or stolen
  11. Most popular age for young lurchers to be sold as at that age they are like a stubborn teenager and have selectiff hearing lol and people lose the plot with them
  12. Right time for a new lamp have a think it's a striker variable now nice lamp but as soon as you turn it on the handle gets red hot and gets a burning electric smell did have a blitz before fixed it loads of times lol not up to speed on the new lamps so looking for advice I lamp all size fields don't like a pencil tight beam but don't like a flood light eather
  13. Only way to train them is in the field yes was a bit out of control but the more times you get her out the better she will me they don't learn bugger all sat in kennels
  14. I buy some rope from the boating place you can get all diffrent thickness I make a loop to go around my wrist and stitch in a long thin piece of rope think 4mm to go through buckle on dog collar nice to have something you made your self and can get any colour you want save losing it
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