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  1. We met with him at the address in Finedon - On the drive of the house - Puppies in the boot of his car. Asked to use the toilet, was denied, said it wasn't working. Asked to see where the dogs are kept, was denied. Asked to see the parents - denied. Asked for a drink, also denied. Left without a puppy and a lot of suspicion/confusion. Parked up a few minutes away to call my friend from down South, five minutes later guess who drives past us? So we followed him, back to Wellingborough he went. To one of the three housing estates mentioned above. Puppies carried inside in a crate. Windows are in
  2. Finedon is a village/town about three or four miles from Wellingborough, I live in the county.
  3. If you could show me how to find the address online, I'll happily delete the thread instantly.
  4. Think whatever you like, I understand any skepticism. The "allegedly" was because it was not something I'd seen myself. We're due to go tomorrow ourselves to see some pups, yet he's given us a completely different address in a completely different town this time. He lives in Wellingborough and we've been told to meet him at an address in Finedon.
  5. She did not get a pup, no. And she wouldn't dare say anything, as I said, he made her feel very uneasy. The conditions were allegedly disgusting. I understand nobody wanting to step on toes or anything, this was just the first port of call, not the last.
  6. Does anybody know him? A friend of mine went to look at some pups of this man's recently. She said the conditions his dogs were kept in is pure filth and cruelty. Sh*t all over the house, literally everywhere, multiple dogs in crates, she said you could smell the property on approach, from at least 10-15 metres - and the man himself smelled equally disgusting. House windows boarded up, assuming in an attempt to stop people seeing the conditions inside. 30+ animals in a little tiny council house, and that was all she'd seen, there were possibly more. She met him in Wellingborough and he took he
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