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  1. Well I can't seem to find any ferrets for sale local as in with in 40 miles from me and the ones I do find are 30 quid a kit is this a trend what's happening to the 5 pound a kit days or ferrets local
  2. [NO TEXT TALK] in or around Cornwall with any ferrets please
  3. You still got them 

  4. yea was a fawn dog bit of a nacker
  5. bang a drive shaft from a landrover or rangrover in ground that makes a good spike
  6. Lets see what aj does carrer wise compared
  7. so whats peoples thoughts on best breeds of birds around the 8 to 9 lb mark like old type hints shamos aseel xs etc
  8. this post is a load of old bull
  9. just drag a rabbit about in the grass get them using there nose if its in them the rest kinda clicks
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