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  1. You still got them 

  2. hewastheboy

    Jp's Arthur

    yea was a fawn dog bit of a nacker
  3. hewastheboy

    Tie Out Chains/tethers.

    bang a drive shaft from a landrover or rangrover in ground that makes a good spike
  4. hewastheboy

    Wkad Klischko Retires

    Lets see what aj does carrer wise compared
  5. hewastheboy

    8/9Lb Birds

    so whats peoples thoughts on best breeds of birds around the 8 to 9 lb mark like old type hints shamos aseel xs etc
  6. hewastheboy

    Bull X For Sale

    this post is a load of old bull
  7. hewastheboy

    Bushing Pack Or Sold As Individual

    Some gilt that must be bushing truffels out
  8. hewastheboy

    Best Stud Dog Producing To Use

    for what type of work
  9. hewastheboy

    One On One Time With Pup

    just drag a rabbit about in the grass get them using there nose if its in them the rest kinda clicks
  10. hewastheboy

    Planned Litters 2017

    How much a pup mate any pics of the parents
  11. hewastheboy

    Beagle X Spaniel

    Some people do still
  12. hewastheboy

    Best Dog For Hare On Small Fields

    He is like you katchum