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  1. Google tigers on Africa there's lots of stuff of interest
  2. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1138488/
  3. Yeah there was a show about the tigers I didn't watch all of it. I know the handler couldn't get a handle on them in the end couldn't remember why though. I can't remember what went wrong with the project but I know it ended in tears. I will try to find out
  4. Domestic cats learn to hunt birds mice etc very easily even if well fed. Given the extra motivation of actually being hungry and cats will soon learn to hunt efficiently. Certainly Joy a damsons lions leopard and cheetah did. Also billy arjan Singh released leopaRd tiger and I think fishing cat with no trouble. Some crackpot released tiger in a huge compound with antelope etc in South Africa a few years ago and they learnt to hunt antelope quite easily. So I think the hunting instinct in cats is naturally strong and they should adapt quite quickly to a wild existence
  5. beast

    New layout

    I was having that problem yesterday but seems alright now.
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    I have a 6 year old a 3 y o and a yearling. I am still waiting for all the pleasure that everyone told me they would bring.....
  7. I have an empty semi derelict cottage on one side and a f***ing Lane on the other which at certain times has more fecking ramblers horse riders dog walkers etc than I care for. Who needs neighbours
  8. please don't confuse me with ginger beard
  9. Roll her in flour to find the wet spot
  10. Its nothing to do with wanting to dart or not. It is about the practical realities. Darts are not some wonder miracle way to knock out animals. Maximum range is around 20 metres for a dart and the slightest puff of breeze will half this range. The dart needs to hit muscle which really only gives the thigh as a target on a small animal like a lynx. The slightest amount of excitime nt or alarm and the drugs become less effective due to adrenalin in the animals system. And even a drug like etorphine which is incredibly efficient will take around 15 minutes to work in which time a lynx could tra
  11. beast

    New layout

    This is so funny . I am certainly no whizz kid on computers but you lot are making me feel really good about myself☺. I feel like some sort of techno genius now. It's all fine just have a play pressing every button and see what happens. Won't take you long folks
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    New layout

    I thought there was a problem with my login and kept searching for different settings
  13. Now some of the time that's true. I could name a local slaughtermen who is a total crook. He even showed up at my mates place with a bucket of blue dye to put on a previous delivery because he heard there might be an inspection and he hadn't dyed it before delivering.But I can personally vouch for holts. They slaughter enough stock that they don't need to sell rubbish as animal feed they can just incinerate it. They will only sell decent stuff. Will joint it or mince it or whatever you require. They freeze meat after cutting so doesn't rot over the weekend or whatever
  14. 12? I could do 12! Easy do 50 if it wanted to. Hopefully will have a better life away from that dump.hope they don't catch it
  15. I am lucky that I have a friend who is a slaughtermen. I fed horse meat 2 or 3 times a week through the winter and it is really rich and keeps the weight on in the cold weather. It can cause the runs until a dog is used to it but then is fine. Feed about half the amount you would feed of chicken. These guys will sort you out http://www.holtscremations.co.uk/ Very reliable and supply a few greyhound trainers etc
  16. Yep I went three a few years ago it is very run down and amazed me how they got their zoo licence. Good luck to the lynx hope it stays free and doesn't get put back there
  17. Pedantic bellend ☺ never heard those two words in the same sentence before I an going to try to find if any food consumption studies have been done on wild puma or leopard just to get a better idea.
  18. Firstly. Where are you getting 30kg Roe? Secondly. 100lb = 45.34kg. 4% of 45.34KG = 1.801kg. 1.801kg x 7days = 12.609KG OK 30 might be a bit high but I reckon you would probably get 10 kg meat off a 20kg roe? Plus offal skin and bones which a cat might eat? Or maybe roe was a bad example ? Without picking me up on details the point I was trying to make was just to estimate a rough kill rate for a large cat. And I think a kill rate of one medium sized mammal a week is reasonable? What are your thoughts? I did say for arguments sake but I don't actually want an argument ☺
  19. Ever noticed that reptile keeping and tattoos/piercings /being a bit gothic-alternative go together
  20. My friend in America breeds children's pythons carpet pythons and Amazon tree boas. Also other stUfford but I can't remember names. I will ask him for some photos. I remember he was very pleased with some yellow amazon's he bred a few years ago. I visited a small private zoo a few years ago and the owner got some kind of cobra out of its tank to show us. Believe me you never saw such a rapid but incredibly controlled escape by several people from a small room
  21. I thought you could only feed live vertebrates with special veterinary permission in uk but I stand corrected. It's a fascinating subject. Some of the American breeders are producing stunning colour morphs . My mate sends me quite a few links when they go to expos and stuff. I just googled corcra ball python what a stunning animal http://www.worldofballpythons.com/files/morphs/the-corcra-ball/003.jpg
  22. https://countrysquire.co.uk/2017/09/18/the-battle-of-biggin-hill/amp/
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