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  1. Just seen this mate, I've been out with mark and blade a lot and the dog doesn't miss much, I haven't had chance to go out due to personal circumstances but I'll be back at it soon, so mark be ready, haha
  2. For some reason I can't send pics via email at the minute I'll try and sort it when I get home Atb
  3. I don't know how to put them on here but I can email them over
  4. It is jimmy it doesn't have an air gauge on the cylinder like but other than that it's spot on,the hugget shroud and silencer look good but the hw mod is more efficient, I can't remember how to upload pics as I haven't been on here in a while due to other stuff, I hope your keeping well Atb Adam
  5. As above Comes with fx cylinder Ben Taylor regulator Custom walnut thumb hole stock Bushnell bighorn scope 1 mag and fill probe Hugget shroud and silencer it in decent condition and is as accurate as any hw 100, i can't remember how to upload pics but if there's any interest I can email pics Cheers Adam £525
  6. Is there anyone selling these? I bought 1 off a guy on here a few year ago but can't remember who it was Any information would be appreciated Cheers Adam
  7. As above looking to swap for a standard th stock I can't remember how to upload pics but can email if needed the stock isn't adjustable but looks like a target stock Cheers Adam
  8. Do these have the scb ret? I will buy a pair if you post them Cheers rc1
  9. I found air arms field in 5.52 head size to be pellet on pellet at 30 yards Worth a try Atb Rc
  10. Good shooting Dave Looks like a nice set up you have there Atb rc1
  11. Cheers lads It's nice to be out shooting after a break from it Atb
  12. Cheers John Yes it's up the dale I have a few perms up that way Atb
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