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  1. Elliott

    CZ 527

    I need some lower 30mm CZ527 mounts for my 204. Would prefer SportsMatch if available, so I'd like be interested to hear how you get on
  2. Elliott

    Reloading 22 hornet

    No, single sled. Loaded to a COAL of, 1.900. " Amazing little round though. I've dropped rabbits out to 350 yards with the 40gr V-Max reloads. Great for fox out to 200 yards or so, too. The Hornet is probably my favourite calibre.
  3. Elliott

    Reloading 22 hornet

    Definitely go for the 40gr V-Max instead of the 35gr. Lovely little bullet with Lil Gun. Haven't tried crimping yet.
  4. Full length resizing. Could probably do with getting some fresh brass. I'm still on the original Winchester brass from a couple of years ago! Lil Gun seems so low in pressure that they last forever. Must try a crimp die though. I'll get one ordered this weekend I think.
  5. Nice. Based on those results, I'll probably buy a Lee Crimp Die and give that a whirl with the 40gr V-Max!
  6. Looks like you've got it sussed. Similar load to mine, although I'm using Winchester brass 12.5gr of Lil Gun and a COAL of 1.900" Haven't played with crimping yet. Did you find it made much of a difference?
  7. Elliott

    .223 40Gr Vmax With N130

    Bloody good group Ian! Did you get any chrono reads? Bet with Vhit 130 you'll smash 3,700fps
  8. Elliott

    Crow Shots.

    Great job! Need to dust off my 22LR. It's been neglected this year.
  9. Elliott

    Grs Berserk

    It's 223. There are fiberglass bedding pillars and a stainless steel recoil lug specific for the T3 action in the GRS stocks. I think they are designed not to need any bedding.
  10. Elliott

    Grs Berserk

    Picked one of these up secondhand today. What a lovely bit of kit. Made a big difference to the feel and fit of the Tikka T3. Also had some success with 55GR Blitzkings. 0.25" four shot group with a 7mph wind using 24.5GR Vhit 135. Chuffed with that. Shame the velocity was so low @ 3,090fps. Tested over max load and couldn't improve on it. I think a faster powder like Vhit 133 would have been the ticket. Still, it'll do out to 400 yards, I'm sure.
  11. Eley Subs shoot best through my CZ452
  12. Elliott

    22 Hornet | 235 Yard Nut Shot

    Hi Ian, here you go. This is based on the chrono data telling me that the 40gr V-Max are running at 3,000fps. I do need to play with the BC a bit though, because I've found that the V-Max drop slightly more than stated.
  13. Curious to see these photos. If you managed to get them stabilised they'll be fine out to 200 yards, but I bet they'd struggle in any kind of wind. It's the same story in the 22 Hornet, but you've got the velocity advantage with the 223. 40gr V-Max or Nosler's would be a much better choice and they wouldn't drop much more at all.
  14. Elliott

    22 Hornet | 235 Yard Nut Shot

    By eck lad On film this time, too
  15. Elliott

    22 Hornet | 235 Yard Nut Shot

    Another one bit the dust this evening, with the Hornet. This time at 350 yards! What a piece of kit; think I'll be ditching the 223