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  1. The r in the month was what the old hands used to go by. Problem is if you have a mild winter or even a couple of weeks of warmer weather you'll find um pregnant . Weather seems to be changing over the years and iv found young in them early in the new year. Seems the seasons getting shorter :-(
  2. 29!!!!!!!! Your having a giraffe arnt ya :-)
  3. Cheers for the replys. I'm after a 177 so the shot count is going to be really low. Wonder if it could be regulated and played with to get more shots per charge???? Surprised me its that low as my s200 gives me 50 charged at 180 bar. Was hoping for the same :-(
  4. I love my little .177 s200 I use for carrying around on long days and for a bit of mooching. A couple of my places i shoot tho I'd like a discrete rifle that can be packed away as to not alarm the locals ;-) . Been toying with the tdr for a couple of years as I love the s200 and would like any feedback from u folks. I no it's a s410 but any of u got one??? Any good?? Cheers danny
  5. A bloke who pops on here now and then goes by the name' Archie' has a little white Jill that's older than 'master yoda' lol. I no he was still working it last year. He might pop on and see this and let us know but it's defo older than mine. He'll have a breakdown when she goes he thinks more of that ferret then his missis ;-)
  6. Keep um coming lads.theres Some good old stinkers around !!!!!!
  7. Saw 2 in all my life, both in the west mids.One chaced my Jills out of a warren 5 years back. They refused to go back in after . Bloody great big thing really dark markings and the other came along the hedgerow in to a fox call out lamping last winter lol. Come within feet of us in the pickup then realised and done one !!!!!! Nice to see tho
  8. Lost my old Jill yesterday. 13 years old and was still working great last season. Good age and iv lost count of the rabbits iv had with her in those years. Best £5 quid i ever spent.Be hard to replace to be fair . Will be missed. So what ages have you had yours go to..... One of us must of had a old un fit for the 'Guinness book of records'
  9. Crosman accupell/prems for years in my .177 and .22 but now been using Air Arms in my .22 and it loves um. It likes them better at high power. Good pellets give um a try. Oh yes it's a MRK1
  10. Sent to your email pal carnt upload pictures to site its saying file to big!!!!!!
  11. having problems uploading mate. i'll try again...........
  12. Iv found my old theoben evo silencer in the cupboard. it came off a standard .22 barrel its got a few marks and scratches but will work fine. had this removed from ebay for being a firearms with 14 watchers!!!!!! now id swop this for a Gamekeeper Pocket Poacher catty or sell for £25+p&p which is about £2.99. no other brands or makes please only Gamekeeper. west mids cheers
  13. Best place for these lads for my catty.Been using 9ml steel thought they would be ok but having lots of woodys getting away after being hard it. Maybe a cheap lead mold anyone use them. Hope this is in the right place!!!
  14. I find goldys are a bit shy in the bedroom department!!!!! Some don't like a audience mate it don't meen he doesn't have a dabble when your not there. Keep in there. Iv got one now that fights like hell with the canary no bonding at all but when no ones around and she isn't looking he slips her one quick!!!!!
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