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  1. ffs andy don't gi that c**t one he'll only brake it
  2. awreet dave merry Christmas pal, hope you and yours are all well
  3. any excuse, why can't he put his own pics on f**k me you couldn't stop him puttin pics on at one time. mind you it where easier to understand the pics
  4. i see your photography has come on leaps and bounds is it a bird, is it a plane, dunno what the f**k it is lol
  5. best thing that could of happened, it gives those that are meant to be representing us time to pull there head out of the sand & do there job to get a full repeal. as if the amendment had of gone through that would of been the last we would of heard of it.anyone who thinks they would of revisited it is only kidding themselves
  6. if this is a chess game our king is lying on it's side in pieces, there was tens of millions against the poll tax we still got it, may be uner a different name but the poll tax none the less. as much as i hate to say it the game is up & we lost big time
  7. lol your havin a laugh, sorry to tell you but santa ain't real either
  8. it ain't a start,thats it dun & dusted they've got hunting packs back to where it will be so difficult to prove they intentionally set out to break the law that the police won't bother but lurcher & terrier lads have been kicked to the kirb & left scatching your bollox cause nowt's changed for you your in exactly the same position as you've been in since the 2005 act came in. i'm sure we'll hear from all those who cried for us all to vote tory as at least we'll be able hunt again,can't wait to hear their exuses
  9. out of order andy, lloydy tries his best
  10. don't let lloydy drive he don't drive fast enough to cut a rabbit off
  11. been trying to find a bunny to kill before it gets to cold
  12. to big for rabbits, to slow to catch a hare. mongrels
  13. well if i'd a gone up there i'd o took a few pics for folk to have a looksee lol.keep meaning to do somethin like meself never been up the west side. maybe one day i'll go the long way round tto lloydys it's just getting the time when the weather's right coz you don't wanna be up there in shit weather lol
  14. seen that a while back, once they overcome there fear they're a handfull whether it be protecting there young or just becoming semi tame though feeding & such they become dangerous
  15. Not trying to upset or wind anyone up. I am just saying,look at the breeds origins and what there jobs are. The Greyhounds answer is to chase it. The Bulls is to bite hard and ignore anything coming back. The Collies is to give it the evil eye.. Im not knocking Collie/greyhound lurchers,Ive had plenty as a kid,but If you are mixing Bull and Greyhound you dont need Collie,as a rule they dont like teeth,and anything else is obtainable from the Bull and Greyhound if the right selection is made.. who says they don't like teeth, granted not all like em but not all bull x's like em.i know lloy
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