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  1. Right my dog has phase 1 luxating patella ( floating knee cap) so I need to keep him as lean as humanly possible I do feed a bit of raw but not snuff space to stockpile lots of raw meat I've heard a few people mention gain but I ent want him carrying too Mich weight I heard of wellbeloved but the first ingredient on the list was rice and I've also heard if its not meat its no good so anyone got any advice.
  2. clueless

    Hey Guys Quick Question

    My 15 mnth old BT took his first rat on Monday gone just minding my own business coming bk from a walk and the little fella wad just running a long the base of a wall very close to a pubs entrance needless to say dog saw the rat first went f***ing poppy I dropped the lead and the rat was ragged to f**k, been past the same spot every day since and the mut is going nuts just waiting for the next rodent. I would like to add I have set a fair few traps with no luck.
  3. clueless

    Not Eating Raw

    My dog wouldn't eat raw, I started getting chunks of meat and then pulsing in blender dog wolfs the raw meat now.
  4. clueless

    Just Been Down Butchers!!

    Thanks s
  5. clueless

    Just Been Down Butchers!!

    Right I'm looking into raw feeding I'm gonna try start half and half and so I took a trip den butchers, I talked to one guy nd they have lites which I took as offal and off cuts as dog food. I have read somewhere before that offal or took much isn't good for your dog is it beneficial. Any how I got like 4lb of the " dog food" and I paid like 90 p for summat like 4-5 kilo of the offal is there a cap on how much offal you fan or should feed per meal.
  6. clueless


    Hit nail on Tue head mate . I been asking around and I was looking at pet plan if that's the case ill dig a little deeper get a quote nice one mate.
  7. clueless


    Like I said never had it but even though you have insurance don't you still have to pay the fee and then claim bk??
  8. I don't have it but have thought about it, dog has got luxating patella but its not causing him to show signs of pain yelping ect. Wondered if anyone had insurance I have had dogs in past and never had insurance and recently was pointed in the direction of the animed site through thl forum and purchased wormers for £4 cheaper per tab than the vets so if my dog need arthritis less in the future would be much cheaper no doubt purchasing off the net.
  9. clueless

    Luxating Patella

    Although my vets has diagnosed grade one should I seek a second opinion and I don't have insurance would I be best getting some if I can??
  10. clueless

    Luxating Patella

    I'm just wary of him charging round and it slipping and maybe causing him to go down awkward .
  11. clueless

    Luxating Patella

    It's this f***ing phone mate if I don't proof read it chooses [BANNED TEXT] it wants.
  12. clueless

    Luxating Patella

    When age was yours diagnosed Kate?? I'll try devils claw I'm gonna try getting him swimming and looking at a few plans for a homemade treadmill will incline I've read that hill climbing helps build the muscles around the knee ,I'm out with mine all time but can't guarantee a lot of time climbing hills.
  13. My 1 year old border has just been diagnosed the vet graded stage. One. It's my first terrier I've ever owned and I'm a bit gutted to say the least. I've been told its quite common in terriers and small/ toy breeds. Is my dog destined for a poor life or is there a chance that it will not progress if it does what outcome could I expect from surgery.. I ask on here for experiences not for the vets prognosis. I bought my terrier to work although I have never done it mainly bushing and ratting will he still be capable??
  14. Slightly off topic but stumbled across an ad by a woman selling pit bull crosses for summat like 400 pound she commented although they are crosses there 3/4 purebred another person put on easily worth that too many Fecking idiots about.
  15. clueless

    Doing It For Pleasure Lol

    Fuckinell she aid a got a slap off me what an annoying c**t all that screaming and shit . "I've got a loaded gun" , "your gunma shoot us" no you silly bitch if it runs in your direction you'll get shot.