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  1. were abouts in east ceveland are you based
  2. all pups looking great cj my jumps any thing out nealy every morning
  3. fish and rice is even better than chicken and rice give little but often
  4. the bitch is 6 month old dame is of benjie x nell sire I blaze is of john sykes sam I would of brought it but am full up at the monent
  5. they are mate out first light nealy every morning
  6. my the opposite joe he just like to sit there and chew pebbles you take him out and he never stops he ran in to me flat out nealy broke my leg
  7. Coming on nice Harry. pic is dam and litter brother (black/white). thanks joe been getting out a bit with him carnt believe how good he is when out hes no bother at all
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