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  1. Hi has anyone got any canaries for sale in kent. Am in canterbury/dover area.willing to travel a little way. Don't need anything to fancy or expensive just something me and my little lad can mess about with and try to breed. Anything considered as i am struggling to find anything.many thanks
  2. max_wood

    Foxes hit hard??

    I read he title of this to fast.I thought it said fox s.hit hard I thought someone had been going out monitoring the consistency of fox poo
  3. max_wood

    Smart meters

    I'e got one and I've found it to make a big difference to be honest.it definitely makes you more aware of what you're using. If it' normally in the green and you see it in yellow you might have left the light on on the stairs etc.and you set your monthly direct debit to what you use not estimated bills.
  4. max_wood

    Books (hunting & fishing)

    What about doing them in bundles of 10 or 20 of each subject on ebay?that way you have a lot less postage hassle ??
  5. max_wood

    Hunting dogs of the future?

    Would it not be easier to have automatic doors if that' all they do
  6. max_wood

    Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    Worked with dairy goats for a while and the best thing to get Billy goats smell off is orange juice for some reason.might be worth a try
  7. max_wood

    Had to buy this.

    It's like that because it looses weight when it dries out.same as pepperami theyre 110%meat
  8. max_wood

    Ducks and Mud

    What about bark or Woodchip?
  9. max_wood

    Indian game hatching eggs wanted

    Thank youi will have a look
  10. Hi does anybody keep indian/cornish game I'm after a few eggs to try and hatch? Thank you
  11. max_wood

    Dogs making money ££

    Millionaire you say?? Better get looking for one of them hats then..
  12. max_wood

    Dogs making money ££

    Got to be easier ways to make a living surely
  13. max_wood

    Energy drinks

    I got too the stage where I was having upto about 12 of them a day. I drank them because I used to like the taste and found them to be the right size just to have a quick drink,not as big as a can of coke ect that would sit open getting dust in it and getting warm.never found them to do any harm....until I stopped one day.jesus christ head aches nausea chest pains the lot.felt terrible for a good few days
  14. max_wood

    Deafness in white dogs

    My parents had boxers for years and years.not all white ones are deaf but I'd say more than half of the ones we had anything to do with.never had or seen a deaf coloured one though