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  1. If she works out for u I’ll send u up a boyfriend for her.
  2. Misty was class act for a small scruffy little bitch. She put some big dogs to shame before pd had her of me never new that spike was sammy father. Heard great stuff about him. Used him once’s on bitch that spike. Sammy was good one too the lads told me
  3. Nippy that pup I sent u up is all similar breeding
  4. I’m not sure chesney couldn’t say. Lad.
  5. I remember that mating well. Was this one called spike? There was another brother called Charlie misty was a good one for a small bitch
  6. I suppose because they would draw the wrought of the anti-hunt lobby on top of themselves if they did do a blog. Just my opinion
  7. Just asked them. Fake and probably coming from there opponents
  8. Yes still to warm for terriers. Won't be long though
  9. old bitch still plugging away at ten
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