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  1. Looks well that. AC blood be my guess. See loads that family come with the rose folded ears. Little tell tail sign haha.
  2. Cheers bud. Tell lee he has to send her back I gave him wrong one by mistake his is still here for him haha.
  3. Well it added something to the old cork lines. Granted some are ugly yokes off things lol but they can work underground no bother. I’m beginning to think it’s all about the looks off these Plummer’s rather than work. Hope I’m wrong or they definitely stand no chance.
  4. Surely you can’t knock them all because yours we’re fighters. Don’t work like that bud. There all different characters
  5. The cork boys have there old russel bull lines family’s going years now with plenty bull in the mix.
  6. It’s not going to happen oven night whatever cross is made to them. But surly a good starting point In breeding a Plummer for underground work is gameness. Jmo pal
  7. That’s the one a good working pbt crossed back in. Get a bit off fire back in there guts.
  8. Exactly TonyT. Only thing they have to do is fit in a hole and stay till dug. O and a few brains also is a bonus lol
  9. Cheers bud. One off her pretty photos lol. She’s roughly 22lbs
  10. Cheers bud you ain’t wrong. Very forward both them
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