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  1. I must admit , I do the same as jigsaw through the day in cold weather, I put their jackets on , and use the heat lamp or a jacket on a night.....plenty of decent grub ( keeps em in good nick, and their not burning calories just to keep warm.....pups and any injured animal thrive under a heat lamp.....and it costs nowt if you fiddle the meter
  2. I've always had all my electrics installed to my outbuildings and kennels, by a top notch electrician , I cut no corners and take no chances were my family and dogs are concerned, but I get where your coming from
  3. The block work walls are insulated with 25mm king span , stops them getting stiff if they lay against the wall, plenty of ventilation under the sheeted roof stops any condensation.
  4. My kennels are block work sleeping compartment, plywood floor on top of a course of blocks ,to lift them up above ground level. I use a bale of shredded paper ( it's like sanitary towel paper) approx 18" deep, so they can bed down into it, and a red bulb in a pig lamp , about 4ft above the bed. If they have had a nights lamping I leave in kennel with the lamp on, stops them stiffening up , there right as rain the next morning.
  5. I will get your number of Terry , and what's app you a few photos of Martha . Shes changing from week to week , as she grows , but definitely going to be smooth coated .
  6. Now A, Iam fine thanks....have been a bit busy with work , not been out as much, as I would of liked ,but there ya go ! Yes I got the brindle bitch pup , that you saw in the photo's. She was 5 months old yesterday, she is 25" tts, and smooth coated. Her mother was 28 1/2 " tts(deerhound greyhound) out of Trevor cook Hamish (pure deerhound)..... She was put to one of Dave sleights greyhounds....so Martha my pup is 3/4 greyhound 1/4 deerhound......she's a right handful....I had forgotten what pups are like lol. I will put her in the pickup next time ,I come over to Brotton , and let you have
  7. Is the grey rough coated one the mother of the pup ?
  8. Hahaha......how are you keeping....and how's the pup ?
  9. A shifty looking lad if ever I saw one
  10. Well that's an honest answer, and I agree with poxon , a fine looking bitch....that's what a deer x grey should look like....
  11. Well worth the money.....you can get them clipped into allsorts of pretty shapes when they are older
  12. thanks tank34....will get my daughter onto it....cheers jd
  13. Hi tomo and my hounds, thanks for your replys lads.....my daughter is going to try and put some photos of my bitch up for me, just joined site yesterday after following all the deer x grey threads for years....if ya can just bare with me
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