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  1. another factor i suppose is the less cars on the road, meaning less road kill.
  2. as the title says will it effect the season good or bad? personally i think their might be more stuff knocking about due to the lack of tourists killing cubs in the summer. but longer term is their any body planning any litters? it would be a worry having a whole litter to feed till god knows when. and if people arnt breeding then what for the future of your stock. Obviously this is all dependent on wether this lock down ever ends, but presuming it lasts 6 months what’s the thoughts.
  3. timmy k


    Try it and see how you get on but I personally wouldn't go that thick. Good luck. Where abouts are you, if your close enough I'd give you a bit of a display and some off cuts.
  4. timmy k


    1.5 ml is way to thick. What are you building a tank!!! About 0.8 is what you want, don't forget the thickness of what your welding too, if ones way thicker than the other one will melt quicker if you get me. You will need a compressor for a plasma cutter too so if you haven't got one your f****d. Out of interest how are you planning to cut the 1.5ml plate, coz if your doing it with tin snips you'll need hands like the hulk.
  5. timmy k


    Welding plates on cars is very different to welding girders and angle iron. But practice is what's needed, even down to the position of your hand can vary from person to person. Best advise I can give you is buy some flappy sanding discs for an angle grinder ( grinding discs can be a bit to much at times) and if your going to be doing alot of welding get a plasma cutter. I've been welding cars for 25 years and only the last year got one, they are worth their weight in gold!!. Also don't get the thinnest sheet metal, yes it's easy to shape but your weld will look better and last longer with the thicker gear.
  6. You can get the die out. It's called washed diesel. But you also wash the lubricant out. Knew a diesel fitter who was changing the fuel pump on this fellas merc every 6 months or so, he confronted him and told him to stop, but the fella refused said it was cheaper for him to change the pump twice a year than pay full price fuel. Apparently he was up and down Scotland all the time, this was a few years ago mind, don't think he'd be making the saving now
  7. What car. And what's up with the pump?
  8. Erm....... .. ...no That would scare the life out of me, but fare play to the Lads that do it. Thankfully theres nothing like that where I go.
  9. I can respect that, but it's not for me. I don't do rocks, and on my perms I've never seen a place that couldn't be dug, difficult yes, impossible...not with a few good men on the spade, it may take a while but if the dog will put a shift in then so will the men.
  10. Sorry sheep chaser but I've got to say, it might seem heartless but I'd rather dig a mighty warrior dead than look at a coward behind me whilst I'm half way down to it( or so I thought).I treat my dogs like kings, feeding, exercising and housing, but it comes with a price, they have to work as I expect them to.
  11. Just got rid of a bitch for letting stuff past her. Some Lad wanted a bolting dog so I let him have her. I persisted with this bitch all season, dug many a hole only to stop half way coz it moved. f****n useless to me. So now I'm left with a untried young dog, if he fails I'll be screwed for next season too. But this game is all highs and lows, with the lows making the highs all the more worth while.
  12. Their was a fella from your side on here a while ago now, he also wrote for the edrd magazine. I cant remember his name but he didn't create the shit you dick heads do. He sadly passed, but If I remember correctly his terriers weren't spindly fuckers like you've got, but small stocky things. I've a bitch here that's to small and fine boned for me but would look like a bear next to them things you've got.
  13. English and Irish man in a pub English man: you now that scottish fella who was here last week. Irish man: yes what about him English man: turns out he's gay Irish man: I thought he was, his dick tasted of shit!
  14. What's the deal with Finland terrier work law wise? I was looking into buying a place there, in the middle of nowhere by the Russian border, it looked great. But getting there seemed to much for a quick getaway, at the moment I couldn't move permanent But maybe one day. Seemed to have it all, loads of different species to have a go at, (those raccoon dogs look fun), and no people poking their nose in. I did manage to find a bit about shooting deer and such seems to be a few more rules than here but from what I could grasp seemed workable. I'm hoping to take the family over there next December/January for a holiday in the snow. Heard it's an expensive place to live.
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