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  1. timmy k

    Australian senator Fraser Anning.

    What's funny is the security detail wearing flip flops
  2. timmy k


    In that case there all shit
  3. timmy k


    I dint know why the view got put up
  4. timmy k


    Are we talking Lakelands or black and tan fell types? Very different animal if you ask me
  5. timmy k

    Deal breaker?

    It's threads like this that make this site worth coming back too. Well done to the lads adding their experiences, knowledge and methods with the ups and downs. Keep it up and lets hope this doesnt go down the usual bitching route
  6. timmy k

    Collie bull grey

    That's a picture of a proper pair of homos
  7. timmy k

    Paris riots

    All this talk of a bad brexit deal doesn't matter. The French will leave soon leaving Germany to hold the fort on their own. Which means any deal put forward now will not mean shit coz the French will barter a better deal which we can jump on. Then Germany will have few options, either keep funding the lesser eu states, f**k the the whole thing off or, which I think is most likely start a war, bullying the dependants into siding with them for their subsidies
  8. timmy k


    You can use a juicer. As for recipes Apple juice and yeast. Its that simple. If you want it clear add pectin enzyme. Pitch it from one bottle to another every two months or their about and bottle it when all the shit stops gathering on the bottom. Simple
  9. I knew a fella years ago who just lived for mustelids. He had a stoat ( kept in its own cage) loads of ferrets and if i remember right 6 mink. None of the mink where kept together but seperated with a bunch of ferrets for company and although thr size differnce was obvious their didnt seem any troubles and he never mentioned any. But this was over 20 years and i was a teenager so its possible i wasn't listening to anything he had to say
  10. timmy k

    the famous toby dog

    Well ard and ethels dog willy which is the father of smithy, if dot cottons written pedigree is true
  11. timmy k

    100 meter exclusion zone

    So its a sin to have an abortion Its a sin to have sex before marriage Its a sin to wear contraception And its a sin to do her up the bum You can stick your religion up your arse, ill just keep on sinning
  12. timmy k

    Strange one

    All the more for me then
  13. timmy k

    Strange one

    Dogs love biting cock as much as we do.
  14. timmy k

    Frothy white vomit

    Yes vet said she probably wouldn' survive any kind of operation. She did offer to try her on some medication but was doubtful it would work. To be honest the poor thing was really sick and I didn' want her carrying on the way she was .cruel to be kind and all that
  15. timmy k

    Frothy white vomit

    Had to get the bitch put down. Bloods came back inconclusive but the vet seemed to think it was a cancer of some sort.