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  1. It may be in parliament, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. And I certainly won't be signing a petition which says I do.
  2. Bit dangerous that. By agreeing a dog is a sentient being it opens the gate to say all animals are, that in turn gives credibility to any form of ban on hunting , meat eating even swating a fly. Whilst I despise dog thieves, I won't be signing a petition that puts the emotional feelings of an animal on par with are own. Just my two pence worth. And quiet intellectual for me! I'm now going to have a few beers and kill some brain cells before I find the cure for world hunger.
  3. I doubt a mole could reach the handle bars on either
  4. I'll wait till you buy it, lend it off you and not give it back.
  5. But are we to believe that buck and breay were the only ones. Their must of been other influences.
  6. So the big names in the terrier world such as bn, jp, ac etc etc are said to of started their lines off with buck and or breay stuff but obviously went off on their own routes depending on what suited them, and then people acquired their stuff and so on and so forth. But are we to belive that buck and breay where the only ones with black terriers that could hold the torch or were their others about who should perhaps get some recognition. And if they were the only two worth mentioning where did their dogs come from. I'm bored and waiting for the season to start so feel free to argue, I n
  7. Whether you claim it or don't you'll still pay for it. So claim all your entitled to.
  8. Dunno but their seems to be alot of people making good money in the comments section. Not sure who to believe. I'll just Bury my head in the sand. tell me when it's over
  9. Rip bear... should of been called slug
  10. Seen them . Just thought if someone makes them on here I'd rather give them my money
  11. Checked their website all I can see are kennels. Although I didn't mention its for the back of my truck
  12. I'm after a triple plastic box, their used to be someone on here who made them I think? Does anyone know if he's still on here and if he still makes them. If not where and what's the cost. Cheers
  13. got this little one within 20 mins and then hooked into this cracker an hour later
  14. Had a cheeky hour on my local river on sunday. Was raining the night before so was pretty high and begging me with weed but still managed 2
  15. He's a stocky little twat. See how he goes this winter
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