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  1. What one did you and the other lads use, the crate one or the mat
  2. Who's used them for terriers, and are they beneficial at speeding up the recovery of cuts, any research I find tend to be centred solely round greyhounds and lurchers. And do they come in different sizes. I'm not sure what I'm looking at but their seems to be 2 types a crate type (bloody big things to stick a running dog In) and a slab is the best way I can describe it, I presume you could put that in your own crate or under it I don't know. Any help would be appreciated
  3. So where did the two lines start, I presume wheeler was from nuttal stuff with added bull, but haven't got a clue where cockers stuff started, and incase anyone thinks I'm going to profit from this knowledge I haven't got anything in my kennels of either
  4. So is their a common lineage between the cocker and wheeler stuff? Nobody answered.
  5. He's a veggie, so meatballs out, maybe a chunk of tofu
  6. That was quick. I love that film so much that my daughter bought me a tattoo machine and the first tatt I gave myself was stars on my knees I'm a bit daft like that
  7. I expect to hear rave reviews. If your a Vigo fan there's another gooden where he acts as a chauffeur/ body guard for the black fella out of the third true detective series, based on a true story if I remember right, but cant remember what its called. Whilst on about true detective watch the 1st and 3rd, don't bother with the 2nd its shite and doesn't follow on anyway, so you won't miss nowt.
  8. You forgot Eastern promises. Class film
  9. To see if we can get this back on track I'll try change direction. The thread is called cocker/wheeler, why? is their common ancestry? Where did both these lines originate from?
  10. Just got off the phone to facewest and you can't turn the volume down or off. Gonna tape it up and see if it's bareable
  11. Went digging with a lad years ago who had a bitch and their was something going on with its back legs, can't remember if if was disc or joint related, but the back end of the bitch looked very weak even though she had a big operation done on her by the pdsa. He bred from her twice to two different dogs and a high percentage of both litters had funny back ends, funny thing was he was of the opinion that it wasn't the bitch passing it to the pups even though both dogs were totally unrelated. I never went digging with him again for multiple reasons but that was the main one. If he couldnt see sen
  12. Doesn't seem to have a jack plug, and I have looked. I'll have another look tomorrow.
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