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  1. Just got off the phone to facewest and you can't turn the volume down or off. Gonna tape it up and see if it's bareable
  2. Went digging with a lad years ago who had a bitch and their was something going on with its back legs, can't remember if if was disc or joint related, but the back end of the bitch looked very weak even though she had a big operation done on her by the pdsa. He bred from her twice to two different dogs and a high percentage of both litters had funny back ends, funny thing was he was of the opinion that it wasn't the bitch passing it to the pups even though both dogs were totally unrelated. I never went digging with him again for multiple reasons but that was the main one. If he couldnt see sen
  3. Doesn't seem to have a jack plug, and I have looked. I'll have another look tomorrow.
  4. Just got in from using mine for the first time (theirs 2 versions( go for the cheaper one) yes they work, they are accurate but f**k me their noisy. Gonna see if face west can get the volume off if not insulation tape the speakers
  5. I've ordered one, I'll let you know how it fares
  6. They do work with the collars, coz their the same frequency, I think they are just metres but its easily converted, I'm more concerned about accuracy, keep digging in on the side of the dog with the red box
  7. Anyone used the new barryvox boxes, I know the old pulse was ment to be good bit of kit but they've stopped doing them. I'm finding the red box accuracy a bit off and looking at getting a new box
  8. Well that makes more sense. I did say if I'm reading it right ha ha
  9. I don't know if I'm reading this right but you weighed in 156 batteries and got £46. If that's right you've been well fleeced. The gypos would give you 6 quid a piece for them which would give you a grand total of £936, without having to lug them round .
  10. timmy k


    It was something about him not letting broson son in the club he was working the door on. Ss explained the situation and recieved an apology I think. Must be strange having bronson as a pen pal but that's ss for you. Haven't seen him for years
  11. timmy k


    Decapated wasn't it. Spoke to a prison warden a few years back and they had him in on a transfer for a short while for a reason I can't remember, anyway all the guards were on high alert in case some scrotum decided to make a name for him self by doing bronson in, he was an old man then!
  12. I preferred the father Ted cinema protest
  13. Or it should of said: Anyone who's got a problem with it, you try controlling an animal with a dick as long as your arm.
  14. Don't know what your on about their low plains drifter. Seems to of gone right over my head, although I'm sure there's some sensible explanation to it
  15. I've give my missus a harder slap on the arse. Hardly mistreating or abusing is it! The kick wasn't full swing and let's face it slapping a horse ain't going to do f**k all unless you've a hand like that fella from enter the dragon. Anyone who thinks that's bad hasn't been around many horses or handlers
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