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    Where do u reckon I get my dogs so. Do I even no u
  2. shaneg

    Deerhound lurchers

    My uncle spent years chasing decent deerhound crosses after numerous failures he bit the bullet and bought a deerhound dog pup from working stuff. Grafted it for a few years ( he was ok but the lurchers we had were much better) and put it over a coursing bitch he had and them pups were middling at best. If I was you I wouldn’t waste much time on them you would be better of with a 1/4 deerhound or something else in the mix
  3. shaneg

    Rother Valley

    That’s me every year.
  4. shaneg


    There’s no possible way 2 workers would possibly do me a season. For instance say I was out Saturday and Sunday and managed 5 digs over both days that’s 5 terriers you don’t have the next weekend as they will need rest. And I wouldn’t say my dogs are the brain dead wreckless type. The mix it away but I still wouldn’t expect to dig them week in week out as I don’t believe in working dogs sore. I would say between the few of us that dig together we would need 15 workers because when we go out we go for the day not half days and home.
  5. shaneg


    Both fine dogs but the father is a smart dog
  6. I no it’s a long shot but would anyone have any well bred foxing pup or plan on breeding any. I no it’s a long shot. I haven’t had a lurcher in about 10 years because of the lack of rabbits around me. The pup will be reared with the best and want for nothing and will not be passed from pillar to post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Preferably something without Saluki blood in it
  7. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

  8. shaneg

    Stolen dogs

    I seen it myself but that’s from 2015
  9. I’d say ur right there
  10. shaneg

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    You can see the father in them a mile of. How’s the hairy older one starting
  11. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    That’s for a terrier pup as well. I like having food in front of them 24/7 they have a big pot of nuts there as well
  12. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    I just like to say there’s still good lads out there and fair play to Derry lad on gifting me a pup especially when he never meet me before. I collected him of the courier this morning and is settling in nicely now
  13. shaneg


    I was thinking the same looks like a wire haired pointer cross
  14. shaneg

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Nice bitch pity about the color
  15. shaneg

    Pups first time to ground

    And all this coming for a man that keeps belingtons
  16. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    Mothers a 1/2 greyhound 1/4 wheaten 1/4 whippet and fathers a 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound
  17. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    The best dogs are alway gifted because they are bred for the right reasons
  18. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    That’s it I have a list of friend the length of my arm with terriers that would help me out but lurchers is a different story I’m not in the known when it comes to lurchers. And I’d be f****d if I was going to buy someone’s else’s rubbish of DoneDeal
  19. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    The parents seem exactly what I like in a lurcher so hopefully the pups turn out the same. Fair play Derry lad
  20. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    I got sorted lads fair play to Derry lad he’s gifted me a pup and I’ll have it in a week or 2
  21. shaneg

    Took the wife lamping

    My idea of torture. Go of with the dogs for a bit of peace and quiet.
  22. shaneg

    Digging bars

    That’s exactly what our ground is like. It’s always in the Jeep but only brought in as we need it
  23. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I’ve been in different places around the country and the sharptooth worked grand it’s just the land I work it’s no real advantage to me
  24. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I just find the heavy graft far better than the sharptooth in the ground I work. There’s only one or 2 places we dig that the sharptooth performs better than the graft
  25. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I no what ur saying but I just reckon they would shift a lot more ground a lot quicker than the sharptooth. Personally I don’t like the sharptooth if I broke mine in the morning I wouldn’t buy a new one