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  1. Well done mate. Always good to get a few. Success has to start somewhere.
  2. You realise of course that having caught them in a live trap, by law they must be despatched humanely.
  3. https://www.doc.govt.nz/documents/conservation/threats-and-impacts/animal-pests/doc200-predator-trap.pdf
  4. Love Activ 8. Its been around for donkeys years and still produces the goods. There aren't many baits that can stand the test of time like Activ 8 has done. Haven't tried either of the others you mention but do generally trial different baits particularly in the summer. We're always looking for the latest "hot" bait but I always come back to the old favourite.
  5. With ref to what Eddie B says about the Solway, to me the spring does seem stronger than the Fenn Mk 6 spring, but that could just be my perception of them. I've never had anything bigger than squirrels or mink in mine. The Fenns are fine and maybe it's just preference.Just got some Doc 200 traps and will be giving them a try out.
  6. I've used a dozen Solway Mk6's for about 3 years now, along with Fenn Mk6's, and find them as good as the Fenn Mk 6,
  7. Are reds common in your neck of the woods?
  8. Just remember it closed season for coarse fish on rivers until June 16th , regardless of who owns the fishing rights . They cannot permit fishing out of season.
  9. Nice going. Some decent looking rabbits there mate.
  10. I use hazel every time mate. It's natural.Plentiful. Long lasting. Choose whatever length you want, and FREE !!!!
  11. Good to see that all the toys have been put back in the pram and we are back on track,as we are all on this forum for the same reason....... We share a common interest !!!!! It's a fascinating subject, and one that has certainly generated a lot of interest and discussion, and I dare say planted a few seeds in peoples minds.Thinking out of the box often leads to new or different ways of doing what has become established methods, and without it , we'd still be trying to invent the wheel. Keep up the innovation and interesting posting Minkenry. Who knows where it will lead
  12. Have a look at Snaring, Trapping & Pest Control pinned articles on Rabbit snaring . There's a lot of very useful information there which I'm sure will help you.
  13. Amazing bit of filming and not something I'v ever seen before.
  14. For me the dimensions aren't excessive. In fact most of my end pins are around 9" long and a 1/4" diameter. I suppose for some, the weight factor I would be a concern, but they look fine to me. Just give them a try and see how you get on.
  15. On the Renewal / Grant check list, it states and I quote...." Please note that your Countersignatory does not need to be a person of 'standing' (as shown on the application form ). It 'only' needs to be someone who has known you personally for over 2 years ( as long as they are not a relative, police officer/ employee or a registered firearms dealer.) Hope this helps.
  16. Welcome to the forum Forbes. I'm sure you'll find plenty help you in your pursuits...............even though you are an old hand . lol
  17. Hazel for me every time. It's free, is plentiful, grows straight and hardens off nicely. Usually cut mine in winter when the sap is down, then let them dry and harden off.
  18. Generally I use them where the holes are in positions where it is very difficult to set a purse net. Under bramble bushes for example.
  19. Welcome to the forum mate.Should find plenty of like minded people here, and loads of interesting stuff.
  20. I remember when I first started clay shooting and I had a really low percentage of of success. Although I am right handed I had always mounted a rifle to my left shoulder which just felt natural , and because you close one eye to sight the target , it made no difference to accuracy. I mounted the shotgun the same way, but with both eyes open, but with limited success, until I was told to check which was my "master " or dominant eye. It turned out to be my right eye and I was advised to mount the shotgun to my right shoulder. It felt really awkward but the success rate went up dramaticall
  21. .22 or .177 ? Meet within a reasonable distance of where?
  22. They are the ones mate, but they have 2 holes not 1. I've made a few myself, and they are pretty effective. Not difficult to use but there is a knack to getting the noise out.
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