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  1. Never thought about it like that.
  2. Hi, looking for some help. I've had a .243 added to FAC and have permission already for fox, rabbit and hare but will be paying for the deer I shoot. Neither myself or the land owner know what the going rate is if anyone can advise ? In the north east and we only get roe which are just going in my own freezer.
  3. Why do theses things always come up at the wrong time, few more weeks and I would have had it off you. Let me know if it doesn't sell please
  4. View Advert Ferreting gear perfect start up 15ft box in perfect working condition 1 15ft micro collar, 2 8ft Collars, ones perfect one a bit intermittent, 1 15ft terrier collar, 50 Yard 4 oz Quickset longnet with basket and polls in mint condition with 50 % bagging, 30 spun polly purse nets very little use, Long netting from peg to peg by Martin King, Rabbit control by Jackie Drakeford,Understanding the working lurcher by Jackie Drakeford.All in great condition, perfect start up kit, just need ferrets. Selling as job lot and have advertised elsewhere but wi
  5. Looking at both the above to mount on my 223 for fox but not sure which to go for. Both seem very similar but the xc75 is considerably cheaper. Anybody have experience of either or both?
  6. Sorted, It was the sight at end of the barrel pushing mod down. Thanks for the input people
  7. Went back yesterday and they decided it was the mod being pushed down by the sight at the end of the barrel so popped the top off the sight and said it was now straight. Not been out yet will go in the morning. Thing is when they sighted it in in the shop using a tool with a grid on they put in the end of the barrel the elevation on the scope was cranked as high as it would go with out the mod on. When I tried it it was still 18 inch low and no room to move. Im not expecting any improvement but will try in the morning and then take it back again. They said next step was to try another scope b
  8. Tell the shop to sort it, if they cannot sort it then there is a serious problem, get your cash back or an exchange Thats the next step, shouldnt have to mess on like this!
  9. Took it back to the shop today and they shimed it but still no good. Added more but no different, would need a bloody coke can to do the job.
  10. Hi all, after some advice please, Just brought a 10-22 new and having a nightmare zeroing my scope in. Have tried 3 different scopes thinking they might be the problem but have all worked fine on my other guns so sure it cant be the scopes. Its basically firing super low and i run out of clicks to bring it up. I started at 55 yds then down to 25 and then 10 but even at 10 its massively low. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Cheers mate, I wont be worrying about what's said fella, always the same on hear
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