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  1. Any one reading this who could be a mentor ill be happy to drive to you and pay you for your time. Few hours of your time shooting..? paid ?
  2. thanks for the great tip Donny will look into that. Anyone else reading this am still looking for a mentor please :-)
  3. Oh yeh sorry i probably need to get a few most posts up ! you can email me on tim.tottman@yahoo.co.uk or give me an add on facebook if your there and we can talk thanks!
  4. Hey Everyone, I was granted my FAC last year, i have many years experiance with air rifles and my FEO was 50/50 on granting me a centrefire due to lack of experiance with live rounds. However in the end i was granted my Rimfire and Centrefire rifles. However... I have a condition that i need to get out a few times with someone more experianced who would then be willing to write a letter for my FEO just to confirm that i am safety concious and reasonable shot. I would be extremely grateful if anyone experianced in the local area would come out for a few shoots with me, i have severa
  5. Hey Everyone, Thought id take the time to say hi and introduce myself. Have just joined this forum today however i have been online on the shooting forums for a few years now, some of you may know me from the Theoben Rapid owners club forum or airgunbbs. Obtained my FAC last year and have been really getting into shooting rimfire and centre fire and this seems like a great place to soak up new tips and knowledge for my new sport . Not much else to say really ? looking forwards to getting to know you all i hope Tim
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