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  1. Mtc reticle is good for air rifle as it's clear and reasonably simple U won't beat nikon for quality in the lower budget stuff but the reticle are not as good for hold over and with a 12ftlb rifle u will want a good reticle
  2. When I click on optic for sale it's not coming up start new topic any ideas why it's not coming up?
  3. Tape on upper scope bell easiest way
  4. There few ways to stop the glare 1. If it is possible move ur lamp to the side of the gun 2. Depending on what lamp u have u can fit a sunshade style cover over ur lamp if it's a large halogen lamp a flower pot with the end cut off will do the job if its a smaller led lamp a piece of plastic piping with do the job. I personally don't like the 2 methods I mentioned above 3. what I prefer to do cover the top of the scope lense with a bit of tape you will want to cover about 1/3 of the top of the lense to stop glare I keep a roll of insulating tape in my rifle bag for thi
  5. There is two types one u can squeeze with your teeth the other u can't the one u can squeeze makes more life like sounds
  6. All or most pcp air rifle are super accurate comes down to range and power for further out distances a firearms rated gun shooting heavier pellets will be more accurate as it's not affected by the elements as much. I have a 177 hw100 and a fac daystate airwolf on a 40m indoor range they were both shooting one hole groups but outside the 177 was all of the place compared to the 22 don't get me wrong the 177 was accurate but took more time to calculate were the impacted will be as for my 22 airwolf shooting at 37ftlb can shoot eley magnums on the windy days out to 50m with very little deflec
  7. Nope it has arrived but not putting on my license as I'm moving to Scotland and when I move over I will have to cancel my N.I licence and apply for a Scottish licence. so no point paying twice plus I'm moving late January time so if I don't get my license back before then it will have been a complete waste of money. Get me now?
  8. I won't use anything but eley subs yes there a bit more expensive than other brand. When I had my .22 ruger bolt action I had my mildots on scope calibrated out to 115yards and producing 1 inch groups on extremely calm days. I now have a 10/22 but it is not anywhere near as accurate as the bolt action 85 yards max with it for hunting
  9. I have had 2 1.6 vitara's and now have a 2.0td I actually prefer the 1.6 as it seems alot more reliable and no turbo to go which has happened to me but all turbos go at some point. The only time I have been stuck in the mud is when I went off roading with road tyres got stuck at 4am in the morning and had no phone signal had to walk 2 miles before I got signal to get the miss to come collect me and then again when I drove into a bog whilst lamping about not looking were I was going. The difference a set of good mud tyres makes is night and day
  10. I have bought 32 and 39 Sierra blitz kings to try out I reload my own ammo so will experiment see wat it likes What you use your 204 for ?
  11. Why baby bath compared to other toiletries?
  12. Burning Rate Chart_LHS_2013.10 - LHS-Germany GmbH Search on Google
  13. Same burn rate as H322 hodgens so look up data for that should get u started not much info out there for lovex did u check there website?
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