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  1. Thanks for the info folks, and i'd appreciate it if you folks could drop me a pm if you see any suitable pups, in case i've missed the advert. And Saltmoon your boys a beauty! I love the brindle type markings. Cheers Jamie
  2. You're spot on 'Black Neck'. I'm a middle aged bloke with a family who has had lots of rescue dogs in the past. I've even had a Beagle X Whippet. Wow what an amazing dog! But the main story is as follows, we attended a charity event for 'Rescue dogs'. The site being Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, (http://www.lurcher.org.uk/). I've had numerous dogs from her (Pip) over the years. But the 2 who made the most impression on me, were the Beagle x Whippet, and the Beddy x Whippet. But the Beddy was just so fearless! And loved getting stuck into anything when out in the fields with me. I really miss that. She wasn't afraid to do anything! I also have to say, i found her to be the most beautiful looking of dogs. So, Black Neck you're right. I'm not a 'worker of dogs', but i'd like to learn. And also get a loyal loving dog (bitch) at the same time. Now neither of the 2 dogs i've mentioned would take more to me than my wife, or the other way around. Yet we've had 2 dogs since the 2 i've mentioned, and neither wanted/want much to do with me as most dog abusers are male. Albeit, i love the remaining one to bits! And we had her as a pup from 'Dog Trust' 2 years ago as a pup. The other one had to be put to sleep some months ago due to cancer that insurance woundn't cure. The one dog we have at the moment is a bitch. Shes a Spaniel X with something? Maybe Terrier? But shes amazing at clearing out our garden of vermin, like rats, mice, and unfortunately frogs and fledgling birds.... However, myself and the wife have always yearned for another Beddy X Whippet. She would mainly be an indoor pet. But i'd like to have a go at training her. It's been a very long time, but my dad, (When alive) used to take me out rabbiting with a whippet type dog, which i really enjoyed. Especially for rabbit stew! So now, i'd like to have a go at training. Although granted, it's no easy process... Even if it's a case of just getting the bitch used to the bang of my shotgun/rifles would be great, as i have loads of open land on various permissions she could race around on when having a 'burn-out'. But i would also hopefully like to train her to take on rabbits for me, or even just be company for me when i'm out shooting.... That pretty much tells you folks everything. I could get a rescue dog, but my wife and i really want another beddy x Whippet like before. Cheers Jamie
  3. Oh i see. Well don't i feel a 'teet' no. Pun intended....
  4. That my be my ignorance.... His site states the dog breed and gives a number in brackets next to it, but no £ sign? Always 500 this 500 that. I presumed that was the cost...
  5. Thanks for the replies folks. I'm not into expensive dogs for the sake of it. It's more a case of not wanting to buy a beddy/Whippet at a high price, just to find out it's a huge dog, and not what i was after. Although at that stage me and my family would love it too much to return it... Hence getting it right the first time.. And 'Puppy Farming C****' are not what i'm after, or the type of person i'd want to hand over my hard earned cash for.....
  6. Thanks for the advice folks. I think i over stated the size. I'd be happy with the 'right bitch' to be anywhere from 18" to "24". I've been advised to go for a 'David Hancock' dog due to reputation. I've no doubt his dogs are first class. But at £500 to £600 they should be first class.... Should i be speaking to David Hancock, or are there other breeders, with a less known name, but breed just as good bitches/dogs?? Advice appreciated.. Cheers Jamie
  7. Hi folks, I'm from the Stratford on Avon area, and looking for a straight Bedlington Whippet X. As in not bedlington whippet x with a Whippet. If that makes sense.... Must be a bitch pup. Mostly for a pet living inside the house. But if she takes to it, with some training, i'd like to take her shooting with me. Although that's not the main purpose. A family pet to join our young Spaniel mix, since we've lost both a 'Beddy Whippet' and a 'Whippet cross' both from Cancer, albeit, they were not young dogs. But very much missed by my whole family... I must point out that were not after any other breed, and were looking for a bitch that will be around the 18" to 20" to the shoulder. (Not higher to the shoulder as i first stated. Although 22" would be fine" Apologies for my lack of knowledge...) We've had most of our dogs from the rescue centers, so would welcome some constructive advice regarding buying a good pup, and avoiding any of the pitfalls... Cheers Jamie
  8. +1 on the X-Trail. Good combination of both and late 30's mpg is reasonable fuel economy.... As for ground clearance, it's not as high as a dedicated 4x4, but plenty higher than an average car. Pretty good off road to, going on Youtube videos...
  9. jam1e


    +1... An accident waiting to happen! Especially as dogs like this are in the public eye so much now!
  10. I agree with AndyF about the Lee Powder Measure. Very accurate for the cost. I also measure just short of the required load and trickle the last few grains in. I did a crude type of trial a while back, weighing 5 separate loads direct from the measure. I was shocked at how close and consistent they were! Saying that I would like a Lyman or RCBS measure, but that's just a "want", as I certainly don't "need" one as the Lee is very good! atb Jamie
  11. It's a fair point about the RCBS chamfer/deburring tool being aggressive, you have to be quite gentle with it.... As I found out all too quick! On that point, just to let you know I posted the Lee tool bits and the DVD's this morning, so they should be with you in a few days. As for your question about brass cases, I presume it has to do with internal case capacity. The outside dimensions may be the same (more or less) for 2 different makes of brass. But if the thickness of the brass is more on one brand compared to the other, then the internal dimensions will be different with regard to volume. As stated, I'm a "newbie", but I would think that would make a difference to internal pressures, which can effect velocity and other more technical ballistic differences... Having said all that, don't get carried away with all these things, as they will may very little difference if your targets are 300 yards away or less. I believe best possible consistencies from round to round are more for long range target shooting..... I have a powder trickler, but started off by using a fired brass case and rolling it between my index finger and thumb. But tricklers are a lot more precise and quicker.... atb Jamie
  12. I never found any difference in neck sizing to full length sizing.... And if you use a decent chamfer/de-burring tool like an RCBS, there is no need to buy a flaring die. (imo) But as per "Charlie caller" I did find crimping improved the groups a little, if my memory serves me right... I found Remington to be the best brass as some cases, (Winchester being one) won't allow you to use the max powder load without compression. I'm not keen on compressing loads. Remington have a higher internal capacity. No idea why, but it definitely does. I compared Rem against Win. And Remington won hands down... I only used Hodgdon's Lilgun powder, (12.8 grains) with 35 grain V-Max head with a small rifle primer. c.o.a.l was 1.670", and 1.438 c.o.a.l to ogive. This recipe achieved .359" grouping at 100 yards, with a Weihrauch HW66. But obviously you have to find a round that suits your gun. Either way, good look with the .22 Hornet! atb Jamie
  13. Just because the RCBS is easier to hold when using it. I've used cases that were a very small amount under minimum size, and have found them fine. They also get a bit longer each time they were fired, so soon went back into minimum's stated in my Lee 2nd Edition book. But having said that, it doesn't make it, or me right for doing it.... However, if it's 0.2mm short, I would say that is such a small amount that I doubt it matters..... But then I am a newbie....
  14. Same here. I was told that once it's on as an FAC, there's no turning back....
  15. I got your address details. I'll post the items out to you when the Royal Mail has fired up again after their Christmas break. I use an RCBS debering/chamfer tool, and a primer pocket "Uniformer". Dave1372 is right about "Ammosmith" on Youtube. He has produced loads of videos and "How to's". I'd subscribe to his channel and start watching them.
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