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  1. Mine was stainless with the edges rounded. Mine was half size if the mesh I wanted then I minus the thickness of the mesh board, twice.
  2. I think moxy bought from here Animal Traps, Rat Trap, Steel Palisade Fencing, Wire Baskets , UK – Bethel Rhodes WWW.BETHELRHODES.CO.UK Bethel Rhodes in west Yorkshire produce wire and sheet metal for wire baskets, animal traps and... I dont know if there the best but they caught well.
  3. Its surprising how fast they fill
  4. Police fined lurcher lads with corvid fine at Bolton abbey
  5. Ianb gives you discount if your on hear. Blackwood outdoors
  6. Yea I do.... Dont but the 6mm one it is pants..
  7. The ones on t.v only work there when cameras are filming
  8. I cut a slither of the card a sim card comes In. Its plastic and cut thin enough i managed to fit i the side of the mount and the 2 shims that came with it are at the back of the mount. It put the crosshairs close enough to were I want them. Shot 1st rabbit last night with it 52 yds so it will do me..
  9. Go to sign I page and click sign In without filling boxes In. You get a red box. Dont sign In just click hunting life banner at top of page and you can view without logging in
  10. Your lad is a lucky boy..
  11. B and m sell that I bottles 1.85 each. Its very nice but I always feel rough the day after I drink that. Maybe I should have less lol
  12. Best thing with that imo is to drink the first can down as fast as you can (in 1 lol ) the drink your other 3 at a normal speed. After all you do buy that to get drunk and not for the taste
  13. Pffff light weight Back when I was a kid I mixed my merrydown with kestrel superstrengh followed by a bong.. That made your toes curl
  14. I once had a hornet and to be honest it the the gun I remember most fondly. Was it as good as I remember? Maybe be not, but I'd have another no problem...
  15. Wh110. Nothing to worry about with that
  16. My crosshair are too far from centre for me to be happy so I might be forced in to buying one of these http://shop.drewslab.co.uk/accessories/708-zeroing-block-adjustable-weaver-rail.html I'm not happy about that as it could have been made adjustable and priced accordingly. £800 pound scope all of a sudden cost 900 that twicw what I paid for the airgun lol..
  17. We have a Chinese takeaway near us, it got Chinese working/serving but owned by the Muslims down the road.. I did know of another operating same but it shut down
  18. That one didnt make the winter. You might be right
  19. I buy this but in bottles, I have not seen it I cans..
  20. I'm on this, then when its gone it will be Jack Daniels
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