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  1. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Hi lads still waiting delivery of my ward 800 apparently issues with manifacturing been 5 weeks now season be over still looking forward to receiving it anybody else waiting thanks
  2. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Thanks lads got a pbir x off Paul baker nice bit of kit thanks for your help
  3. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Thanks for replying rabbits out to 100 yds foxes out to 250 max but identifying is a must swaying towards a ward my xq50 f will also be used so that's takes out the identifying and sorry I would mostly use on 17 hornet thanks Ian top man for being honest
  4. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Hi Ian sorry to have mislead you those are the scopes I have I meant the ward 800 I have a snipercam and wanted a change on either my 243 or hornet wanted the trail xq50 my head is in a shed wanting the best for less so many using photons , wards, thermals with success or are they just want an honest option on the the best out there being a pensioner lol thanks mate .
  5. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Thanks Ian top man yes 6x24x56 and 8x32x56 do you supply them don't want to be waiting weeks if purchased thanks
  6. polishunter1

    New NV advice needed

    Ian what are they like on hawk sidewinder 8x24x56 with pbir would you recommend one out to 200 yds thanks fella
  7. polishunter1

    Pulsar Trail XQ50 Models

    Thanks Ian would you put it on tkka243 or 17 hornet mainly foxes 200 yards or use both thanks
  8. polishunter1

    Pulsar Trail XQ50 Models

    Hi guys onthe brink of buying xq50 trail scope already bought xq50f spotter off Ian b pleased with it however need to be swayed to buy scope is it easy to fit got a rail already on tikka 243 any hidden extras etc is it easy to zero my head his cooked or do I stick with my sniper cam thanks lads .
  9. Hi 

    looking for feedback on the thermal scope thanks

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    2. lee


      It's on auto and  Re calibrating ...


    3. ukhunter


      i just switched it to manual and see what is like   or shell i put it onto semi auto

      ill try them both see which ones best

    4. polishunter1



      seem others on other sites having same problem when cold want to buy one but can wait got a xq50 f for spotting off Ian outstanding.

  10. polishunter1

    Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    Hi Ian think if he looked in the mirror the devil would appear not in the real world mate keep at them mate
  11. polishunter1

    Long ears??

    Ask prince Charles
  12. Hi anyone got the Solaris mk2 from torch factory are they any good thanks
  13. polishunter1

    tree identity

    Teresa green will know .
  14. polishunter1

    Pulsar Xq30v and xq38f

    Hi go the extra mile xq50f 2 foxes behind brambles normal nv couldn't see them so squeaked them out so save your beer money up they say the xq38f is good not seen it but if it's like 50 crack on fella .
  15. polishunter1


    Hi just had 22 boxes of marksman -177 4.5mm pellets given me mate cleaning out old pub used for shooting practice anyone used them any good.