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  1. Look at the fun tasting personally I wouldn't pay more than 6quid but at the moment I am paying 24 quid for box of 6 from France someone I know drives out weekly can't really say I've had a bad one just drunk a bottle from Portugal 2£ today don't miss getting up every 1hr for piss ps saving hard for thermal scope my goal lol
  2. 2 bottles of nice red 10£ 8 pints of cider 2 gins 40£ no brainer 30 £ every day saving omg come on socks ?
  3. Try a bottle of up jp chenet Cabernet Sauvignon stillton cheese and a yard of salami French stick of bread all for under a tenner mate
  4. Hi villaman its the ammunition you want to concern your self with had 2 stepped up to 17 hornet class above hmr but some say the ammunition is now sorted so my choice would be tikka or Cz all the best mate .
  5. Hi worth a try nv getting better and affordable.
  6. Know what you mean trying to save for thermal scope tough on pension.
  7. Hi can't fault the pard its light does dual purpose takes seconds to change over and good spotter and good price Ian is your man .
  8. Take torch off scope and shine down scope to find beam if working maybe
  9. Give her 12 months she will want to come back home
  10. Ian have you got the Solaris in stock don't want to be waiting weeks are they good with sidewinders thanks
  11. Ian what scope you using looks like hawk sidewinder and what lamp bracket you using thanks looks good
  12. Hi lads still waiting delivery of my ward 800 apparently issues with manifacturing been 5 weeks now season be over still looking forward to receiving it anybody else waiting thanks
  13. Thanks lads got a pbir x off Paul baker nice bit of kit thanks for your help
  14. Thanks for replying rabbits out to 100 yds foxes out to 250 max but identifying is a must swaying towards a ward my xq50 f will also be used so that's takes out the identifying and sorry I would mostly use on 17 hornet thanks Ian top man for being honest
  15. Hi Ian sorry to have mislead you those are the scopes I have I meant the ward 800 I have a snipercam and wanted a change on either my 243 or hornet wanted the trail xq50 my head is in a shed wanting the best for less so many using photons , wards, thermals with success or are they just want an honest option on the the best out there being a pensioner lol thanks mate .
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