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  1. THanks all. Absolutely the cameras disturb the rabbits. I'll make a bit of noise getting them in there, smell won't help and then just the sight of the cameras being there will all play a part. Generally takes a bit longer for rabbits to bolt when I'm trying to film. Just the way it is really.
  2. Only just had the chance to get out. Thought this little burrow would be suitable for a video!
  3. Hello. There's obvious problems when trying to fit a ferret with a camera, especially when in a working environment. Size and weight vs audio and video quality. Mud, stones and water. Shaking and bashing. Slowing the ferret, preventing it from turning around or making it harder to fight. Getting snagged on nets and roots. Battery lifetime. Lighting is another big factor as the required battery can become as big as the camera battery itself. Last year I modified a "Y3000" and ran some simple LEDs off a watch battery, and while it did somewhat recorded the action (Which may be fine for checking a ferrets performance) it was nowhere near suitable enough to show the public. I'm in the process of having another go, but I won't make any promises. I prefer the quality of my main method even although it doesn't capture every moment. I work with electronics and will throw a bit more money at it this year... shall see
  4. Last bit of footage I have from the season https://youtu.be/y_MTt3ihWxk
  5. The importance of a tracking collar right there!
  6. was watching the race, didnt make the borders!!!!!
  7. Little video of some slow motion bolts, played back at 15% of the normal speed, slowest I've managed yet. https://youtu.be/04rnIrX4C7Q
  8. Even a tiny jill will rag the rabbit kits around if she wants to
  9. Hahaha damn, I need something different from what i've got!
  10. Never had the balls to leave mine in season yet. I've questioned the vets but they firmly support th£ir side. I'm honestly starting to think the jill jab can cause depression, I've noticed instant behaviour changes % of the time after the jab which subsides when they come back into season. My experience with the implant has had no such notable side effects and for me It's been more cost effective (Occasionally get it for retail price) but I have herd some people claim it shrinks their reproductive organs making it harder to breed later - I haven't tried breeding after so i can't back that up. V hob is a proven reliable method, may cause a phantom pregnancy which is not a big deal. At worst the operation wasn't a success and.....
  11. Most of the people who follow the videos have probably seen it already but I thought I'd post it here for those who don't use Youtube. I guess I had set out to film some hole hopping but I only got the one clip. Other than that Athena performed well and the ones that bolted were clean into nets. I think there was another down there but I got a bit lazy towards the end, I was working nights at the time and this was filmed after no sleep. https://youtu.be/yp6vCNb_FVE
  12. Save some blue for me!
  13. Will look into that, thanks! And again I'll be able to show the pros and cons over time with footage
  14. At least in the end I can show how different sizes of meshes make a difference. Slip a rabbit or catch a fat hob, I'll experiment and show.
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