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  1. No probs. I bought a patterdale. The breeding didn’t really mean nowt tbh just for rabbits and bit of ratting. Anyhow it’s supposedly a NS x wheeler and she’s on the bigger side Looks like a pat on stilts. does what I need her for so not a problem was just wondering haha
  2. Is the NS lines slightly bigger due to adding bull terrier somewhere along the way?
  3. Hate people like this. It’s like no one can be interested and start to learn. It’s where the games going wrong
  4. Where she from pal. Looks very similar to mine but mine longer legged I reckon
  5. Anybody have any kits available in the coming weeks? Will be after 2. Any colours don’t matter. Cheers
  6. I say not an avid Hunter, since I’ve had and worked my black patterdale on rats and rabbits... I want to test him further. I’m taking him out hopefully next week with my mate and his lurchers., locators and shovels what you guys reckon I only give 400 for him.
  7. I’m not an avid hunter, just rats and rabbits and couldn’t get a chocolate patterdale no where. And online now they about 1200. So this came up and I managed to get the last one left!!!
  8. the kids love her either way now so we not at a loss!! Fingers crossed as to how she turn out.
  9. maybe half lab. I’ve got pictures with the mother whose defo pat. Don’t know what else tho . Piss take tho. I gave 1500 for her
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