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  1. not been has good as last season has havent done that much with my mate who drives has been banned has we got chased for 2hour before car ran out of petrol lol so odd bit of digging keep the dogs ticking over and just odd sunday morning walk on the hares keep them fit. same here mate been chased allover and ye been doing same anyway hope too see you at shows this year mate
  2. a subaru and two lightforce lamps and four big bullxs equals a good night :boogie:
  3. she sure is a nice bitch too rebel mate and yes not had a bad season really what about you mate
  4. should be top pups these atb is that rebel2009 bitch
  5. sure have got some class dogs dean atb with them
  6. got plenty of time to jack then :whistling:
  7. dont no how to upload them so f anyone wants a photo send your number to me in a pm or text the number in the add
  8. hes ok with ferrets but not too sure with stock but dosnt show intrest in them mate
  9. right lads got a 1/4 deerhound 3/4 greyhound out of dave platts raven to a grey im wanting a good working home for him hes only done abit of ferreting and a few times out on lamp watching so never really done anything hes about 16 month old smoothish coated and about 28 - 29 tts very racey and very fast hes good with other dogs and also good in kennel im in barnsley and wanting 150 ovno call me on 07930156455 thanks luke
  10. lampings on menu tnite lads

  11. really pleased with my bull x bitch this season hopfully plenty more to come too
  12. ive got a s/b/g you got any better pics jo? he looks a cracker
  13. merry crimbo everyone

  14. hes turned out a nice pup mate atb with him mate
  15. lmfao fukin bonkers man hahaha
  16. What Eva Floats Ya Boat init , some people are big headed and some people keep there dogs to themself (no public viewing) and above , so does that mean if i stay in the house with the dog and never take it out does that mean its a good dog ???
  17. STRONG STUFF best on market cant fault them :thumbs:
  18. cant wait to go lamping on weekend castoir here we come

    2. rocky1


      the ground is hard as stone

  19. this dog was up for sale months back i was thinking same jo and im sure it was only 2 year old then
  20. you got a price mate and were are you
  21. too much too hard too young
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