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  1. bullx wanted good working home offerd but must be ready for work this season or already working. im looking for a dog because ive already got a bitch but may consider another bitch if i like it. would like it to be in south yorkshire as possible and must not be silly money if you have one please let me no on 07743265414
  2. dont no how to put pics on so send me ya phone number mate
  3. selling my fn19 falcon raptor with a gas bottle gun and bottle in mint condition also got a deben tracer lamp with new lithium battery im wanting 400 no offers thanks. contact me for more info 07743265414
  4. what colour jeep was it an were abouts in the country
  5. ive got an ps3 spares and repairs also few games to go with it im wanting pound im in barnsley
  6. its a 22 only cheap because hes just bought a three grand range rover and needs some money as hes abit skint, tony it would let me reply think your inbox is full mate
  7. my mate bought his bsa r10 other day paid 650 pound for gun an bag n silencer brand new got hawke scopes onit he wants 400 pounds no offers only this cheap for quick sale hes located in barnsley
  8. im selling my harris hawk due to not working her shes 6 year old comes with glove,box,bag and others shes got a good temperment steady bird. she flys at 2.2 also taking fur and feather for my info pm me im in barnsley thanks luke
  9. seen a 30tts bullx catch them before 5 out of 5 on his firts night out when lad bought him
  10. its easter weekend lads and in my opinion its a good show and its local to me
  11. mine did same few months back so they sent me a new one and looks like this has done the same
  12. i'll after keep my eyes open then
  13. were abouts in barnsley was it spotted because im from barnsley
  14. this lads a top messer dodgy as owt

  15. driving fields you see more catch more and test your dogs more if the condtions are good
  16. brindle and text me your number and al send you a pic of both thanks
  17. them bull greys you say you run, run off from cats ahaha jackers

  18. i have got some Bull x pups for sale. Mothers a half x game as the come. Dogs a 5/8 3/8 tool of a dog came 1st in the bull x comp this year at earth dog running dog not the overall one the other one on the other side. these pups are not for the faint hearted im wanting 150each 1 dog pup 3 bitches im in barnsley call for more info thanks 07816032118 pics can be sent via mobile cheers luke
  19. Less dogs = better sport fcuk that after abit of hammer you need to change dogs so best of taking four
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