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  1. sure are fine examples of bullxs these who ever own these are very lucky men atb with them
  2. I banned you from chat last night for exactly the reasons JT stated.........we don't need brain dead morons making comments like that in an open chat room...........! y wud i be banned off chat a dunt think i hav ever been on it Why would it bother you....? No c**t understands you anyway!!! Mork calling Orson.......come in Orson.... who rattled your cage fu**ck face no wonder why your band coxy putting shit like that what a tool
  3. you ant got a little bro coxy
  4. u going to chatsworth pal

  5. Anyone going to chatsworth and is there any lurcher racing on thanks
  6. ive just decided to call mine new bullx pup roe
  7. genuine post this atb pal what more could you want
  8. very nice bitch jo atb with her mate hope she goes to a good working home

  10. good write up SS atb on your next mooch
  11. totally agree mate it a rossette feck sake
  12. i will defo come tomorrow or day after for that ivermec benji 50ml
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