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  1. Has eny 1 got 1an [bANNED TEXT] use think
  2. they had every think mate very happy with them
  3. Dam waz half cross 26 intch an sir wz 5/8 3/8 29 intch
  4. u wudent think they were sisters white one a total dif dog
  5. they about 20 mnth nw so let the fun begin lmao
  6. ] ma pups cuming on wel nw this is ther first propa season to young last year
  7. never jacked in hes life and kills things quiet quick
  8. this my dog for stud if any 1 interested kills all quarry and is 20 months old trail welcome
  9. woz out the smorning an shoot this an ma pups retrieve it lmao the first 1 they have seen meny mre 2 cum i hope
  10. went out the smorning an pups got ther first ginga put pic on later on ppl
  11. wel the mother is a half cross bull gray an the father is a 5/8 3/8
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