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  1. i should be going this year first time for me
  2. cheap for something doing the business
  3. defo a harris hawk probs just come out of moult and not manned it up right :no:
  4. try and get a better pic of rock rye should be good dogs when there older atb
  5. ye shes doing good pal

  6. whos going to the woddington airshow this sunday been for the last two years and its well worth going
  7. im intrested in a pup were are you and how much mate
  8. im ok anne wbu x

  9. sorry for your loss mate r.i.p jack
  10. if the dogs still here can you pm me your number pal
  11. my 3\4 bull 23" bout ten mths old in pic looking forward to going rabbiting with him is this crank rye looks a monster
  12. think stabbas looking for something like a halfx or something
  13. too much for me but very nice dog pal were in barnsley you from
  14. iv got litter brother to rebels dog.. ATB..B very nice dogs ant they
  15. best bull whippet grey ive ever seen is rebel2009 very nice dog geta pic rebel
  16. tape the wire up the handle thats what i got told to do so i did andworks perfect
  17. cranks a good name or bracken
  18. thanks lad and i no what you mean mr hunter now
  19. right lads my mates just got this dog its ment to be a minshaws lurcher cross a pit as any one got a minshaw lurcher for my mate to look at thanks very grateful
  20. not been funny but that fox defo got its head up and alive
  21. should be good thread if it dont turn in to arguing like usual :11: nice one dogfacekillah
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