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  1. thats some dog mate very nice stamp dont let it go to any idiots atb
  2. ye mate ant seen you for ages and she good mate seen abit this season when you wont to go out mate

  3. sorry to hear mate R.I.P RAMBO looks a fine dog too
  4. one of mates got a pup on and hes just starting and he looks to be a good up and comer doing very well
  5. do you know anyone for a aa s400 pal ??
  6. seen this ages ago hope you enjoy
  7. Got Bored Wonded if any of you have ever made like a poam about humting if so put them up i did this on 2 minz ago hunting's a lifestyle and not for fun , using a dog or even a gun , there maybe a ban but they've not won becoz the poachers are comin on strong , some like a drink some like a bong , but cruilty to dogs you got it wrong , we take pride in are hound and keep them safe and warm and sound , so before you jump to the gun ive slipped my dog so fuking run !!! LMFAO all fun init haha
  8. anyone no were i can buy that blue spray from that you put on dogs cuts thanks luke
  9. looks a realy nice dog mate atb with the sale
  10. sorry for your loss mate , learn from your mistakes , ignore the ******'s
  11. cheers stabba im going to make sure he does if rye dont want him a good mate of mine is having him thanks
  12. yes but no answer yet but ive found some one for him if breeder dont want him thanks
  13. if this link works theres a pic of the sire and dam and pic of pups at 4 week old and if you want a pic of him now send me your number and al send you one http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/161862-pups-at-3-week-old/page__p__1633057#entry1633057 thanks luke
  14. i had him on a yard at first but due to changes in circumstances i had too take him home and as i already have two dogs t home there just isnt room for him
  15. ive got a black bull x dog pup for sale hes about 18 week old from good working parents sires a half x and dams a 5/8 grey 2/8 bull 1/8 saluki i think not 100% sure. hes for sale no fault of his own i just havent got the space for him be sad to see him go im in barnsley pick up only for more info ring me on 07542680788 thanks luke
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