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  1. it was a good show today realy like them two thorne bullxs at the gates and few terriers anyway see you all next year
  2. 1/4 cross shud be ideal for rabbits
  3. shes just starting i have had her on a few rabbits and shes had a squrriel and a rat and she also killed a moggy by accident so see what shes like this season and yes shes done me proud so far
  4. don,t think its 27 tts unless its the photo but i don,t think so,what did you say she was again 3/8 5/8 looks like saluki in it that photo was from about 3 month ago n ye i have bin told shes got some saluki in her blood somewere
  5. Shite picture mate but a nice lookin dog! Looks like something else in there other than B/g think theres a bit ov saluki but not much
  6. as it worked now if not can you tell me how to do it thanks luke
  7. thought you would have sumat to say stu lol
  8. hi all bit bored so a thought a would put a few pics of my bitch up shes 3/8 bull 5/8 greyhound shes 10 month old about 27tts. what you all think of her. hope the pics worked atb luke
  9. i went last year and it was qiute good so am going agen this year its a good little day out
  10. well i went sunday and thought it was good had a good chat wi a few people saw two very nice bullxs that plain white one with blue eyes and rebels blue dog keen f**ker that is lol all good anyway hope to see you all in september
  11. as title says whos going to harewood gamefair this year and is there and racing on
  12. never heard of it but give it a bash
  13. smashing pups and nice sire and dam too atb with the sale
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