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  1. dun my jeep wooop woooop lamping flat out now lol

  2. Oh I hate them orange girls that walk around saying "It's natural, it's natural", yeah, not unless your dad f****d a wotsit love."LOL

  3. swansey o cardiff 2 nite n

    1. Oildriller


      Different game mate, Swansea is away on top of Cardiff.Has been that way for a long time.think you will make it this year??? Jacks rule.

  4. o well n bed it is n

  5. really not well 2 day ruff as hell

  6. im a lucky man 2 be with Lindsey morgan

  7. Im fuked right off!!!

  8. I know a man whose name is Jim ... I like to lob tomatoes at him ... tomatoes are soft and don't hurt the skin.... but these fuckers do there still in the tin LOL

  9. out on the piss it is n lol

    1. rocky1


      same here mate ,off out 2 watch the match

  10. Daffy duck calls the hotel office and asks for a condom. they ask him if he wants it on his bill. he says are thucking sherious i would shufficate

  11. came out of a chippy eating fish and chips a tramp said to me " I haven't had anything to eat for 5 days" so I said to him "I wish I had your will power!"LOL

  12. HELP.I'm at the local police station,I've been caught drink driving. Urine sample was positive, so i stole the sample.Now i'm being charged for taking the piss! LOL

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