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  1. I've got 16thousand acres to work in Lincolnshire on the farm so my eyes are peeled.
  2. Not been on her for awhile but......I have had contact with one of the named above and found him strange so backed off, apparently he got arsey with another lad telling him my young terrier was making a good one and one of the best he seen, days later I was raided and they have took everything....all my dogs are in shite condition due to the RSPCA....for fucks sake keep it close and shoot the rest. Tab lads speak in another 2 years probably.
  3. i have for sale a grizzy 450, only done 570hours, has been well watched after, starts 1st time every time. the quad has heated hand grips, hand covers, the standard set of plastics and a set of real tree plastics ( worth 600 ) its fully road legal, not been used heavy or for any pulling. am looking for a small diesel van or landrover discvorery and cash, cash sale £2000. very very cheap for a 56plate quad. cheers....ring or text 07826262047 as i dont go on here often.
  4. quick sale, honda cr250, 97model. brand new plastics, just had top end rebuild, starts fine, good tires genuine good bike, need it gone £650...based in lincolnshire cheers. 07827275765.
  5. honest post, 3 years old so ready for some work. no bull shit and you know were you stand with the dog, price is abit steep but good on you fella for being honest f**k the thl members, 99% are the same
  6. sucky sucky from hong kong to post, but can pick up in lincolnshire.
  7. Subaru imprexa estate, 2001, 2.0 sport, personalized plates, 120,000 miles, MOT next april, tax end of month, rally tires on it with a spare set of tires, hasnt been dogged or taken across fields, very straight motor that is quick, pics can be sent thro mobile, pm for more info £850ono. atb,
  8. that liver and his so called digging mates, struggled on the back fill the other week ! geuss who lads.......
  9. looks a well put together dog, wish you the best of luck in his pups that he sired, atb.
  10. apologise if it says it above, but is the racing straight racing or stimualted please ? thanks.
  11. who won the digging last year ? has liver ever won it ?
  12. any info on this show please, time, entry free, post code, etc.
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