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  1. got brother to stan he does exactly the same got a stan sally pup an thats a barker at the moment lol sally not the best brood in my opinion an the bitch is out of my dog so im entitled to say that thanks atb old timer has there been many from this breeding thats turned out to be a barker? how was the billy litter produced anyone with info on the dogs pm me thanks
  2. Hare And The Swift Hound is more of a photo album than a book
  3. pied dog looks well, whats its breeding?
  4. you wanting a reaction shanded lol No. me? Never!!!.. When I read birds reply it was interesting an made alot of sense he basically says when your keepin a line you after inject some new blood from time to time which basically thins out the original blood in the dogs. Now a Norfolk tumbler was or still is a strain of lurcher, an I bet the dogs that are apart of the strain all look an have similarities. Yet people on this thread have come out an had there opinions on a Norfolk tumbler, I would just like some opinions on the 21st century minshaw... Me personally just think that alot
  5. you wanting a reaction shanded lol
  6. you make me laugh dances any one would think you were 50 with the way you go off nothing phases old dances he must have done it all and had the best..............wich of ur dogscan do the deer? the: "run dog" "catch dog" or the "kill dog"??
  7. you got your struts pal ??? no pal not yet
  8. how was blue bred les? and did he produce anything as good? pm me if you prefer
  9. after some back struts to fit a subaru forester 1997 gls
  10. at lease mine get the graft all you do is take pics of yours you wanna get a job in photography fool,mine are 4 and 5 and to me there still to young to breed from but that just my standards,you would probley breed from a 12 month old dog,if you want you can tag along with me and take a few pics of mine i wont charge you 4/5 not a scratch on them ,anyway i,m fully book got work coming of my ears you need a job first doley doley ,selfemployed self-employed thl gob shite
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