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  1. ok lets see well ive sold to saluki pups that bred last year erm a bullx erm i put a saluki x on here for sale but i still have him cus got f****d about erm put to dogs on here for ian1 an me brothers dog o an nasty bull x ages ago that went to a good home so there all the dogs pal hardly makes me a dog dealer does it NOPE. u must be a doley with all this time on ur hands i bet you never go out on the land because you are to scared to kill owt incase you get done silly man. like i said before if you have no interest in the dog get off the thread f*****g piss flaps
  2. o yes the keybroad warriors are at it again aint they lmfao look if [NO TEXT TALK] has a problem thats up to them me brother wants to sell his dog due to having to much work on an not the time but 2bh thats got f**k ALL TO DUE WITH [NO TEXT TALK] ON THIS SITE. the only man in the country to see this dog run is ian1 off here loads of lads no him but f**k it if ya not interested f**k OFF jokers i tell you
  3. I'll second that........ aint been snapped up becuase he wont answer his phone or txt's or his pm's either.i mailed him when he posted the,rang him and txt him numerous times but hasnt the courtesy to reply!!! helo bois im his brother an hes abit nervous of selling this dog 2bh with what happened when i sold me bullx on hear had loads of trouble off some welsh lads so we dont give the post codes out anymore i will be bringing this dog for him unless the lad in leeds haves it so if i dont think you decent enuff to have the dog it wont be going simple
  4. Bird r u on about chris hickling??his dog mac is 1 hell of good dog I've got the litter sister 2 him and 2 pups out of him 1 11months old and 1 8weeks old both out my own bitches,his old bitch heather is a cracker 2 she's springview lines!!! Atb cbx yes mate , his dogs are brill, as you say if you want a good'un of this x, thats where i would go there to of these dogs that sitting in my kennels 1 bred of heather to jack an the other is fly which is macs sister which i believe last time i seen chris you have it chris bullx lol we was going to have her off him.... very good man
  5. do you just ring them up an tell them to have a look at it them mate?
  6. hi all just wondering can anyone help me mrk3 box is broke wont locate anymore anyone no of someone that can fix it thanks stuboi
  7. anyone help me out... does anyone know of any litters of border proper working borders not the show rubbish ??? pm me if so atb stuboi
  8. anyone help me out... does anyone know of any litters of border proper working borders not the show rubbish ??? pm me if so atb stuboi
  9. ill have him off you mate ill be round for him in morning
  10. the dogs off on a trail get on lol

  11. haha well theres only a few that can match this dog mate u r the lad from burton aint ya this dog is the BEST in derby ill put that up agest [NO TEXT TALK] fact an 1 saluki dog i kept becuz had shit loads od divis ringin me an i have a digging dog now which i got for me brother ok and the other 2 saluki dogs were sold for ian1 or cant u read ya thick c**t
  12. i killed a few hares other day with me cousin up ewebey fen good little hare on there they r... that pup shud b alright a lad in bolton had 1 an me brother got the other 1 and i got a buddy x dog here aswell atm thats flyin and me cusen got a very good dog got it of fred gave 3500 for it like ... what u been runnin on fen?
  13. its ok saying that, i wouldnt sell mine either but i thought into future with mine and dont part with dogs here an there like its f**k all people need to think more before they take a dog on hahaha a dog dealer if the dog was no good i wudnt have any problem with putting him 2 sleep trust me but the dog is the what he was bred for and doing it well 2 me bigredun sold the dog 300 qiud 2 cheap 2 me but thats not my problem if you dont like it f**k off i aint just some little dickhead who has had dogs 5 mins ive had them all me life half the people on this site dont no a good dog if it sm
  14. Is the bull x wats for sale alright kenneled wit dogs, I can't p.m u for some reason

  15. at the end of the day im selling tom because i aint gna have the work for him yano hes a f*****g good dog an so what if i want to sell him i aint going to keep him in his kennel an him be doing f**k all yano the dog is a serious tool an i rang you 5 times bigredun c if you wanted him back and you didnt answer an 550 qiud is cheap the dogs smashing things over left right an centre so if i value him at 550 thats what he will be f**k you lot all a bunch of internet hunters on hear get out and get some proper hunting done instead of talking about it ok lol if you value the dog that high gif
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