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  1. Is this spot the rabbit decoy .i have found it 50 yards just under the tree has anyone else seen it ?
  2. Well done nice pics trunk I know you like doing single handed whats the most adult foxes you have had in one night with one dog and also what's the most you have in one week with one dog with no injuries .hope you end up with a lot more keep putting the pics up nice to see all the best mate
  3. Which one sounded like peter Kaye ?i just think it funny
  4. I would love to invite Chris packham and Brian May for a nights lamping .it would be nice watching them have a stroke seeing what I do what a video that would make , what a pair of knobs invite open
  5. My new lamping setup. Works really well
  6. Your not wrong there wilt the first calls I did had a slight rasp on them but worked really well .the new ones I did last year have been field trialed and got shit loads close in and have put them on DVDs even my hand calls are also on DVD .dave Evans don't mean to be rude but which of the English calls are actually robs calls or are they some body else's
  7. Which calls are good that he sells and which are consistent In calling foxes
  8. Just wondering how has the best fox call contributed to the hunting community .?
  9. ? Well that's the best one I've heard this year
  10. Fox pro Having never used one I am just curious to know how many foxes have been shot in one night using it as people seem to rave about them I mean like double figures
  11. Just pulled out an old DVD I haven't seen in a while decided to watch it obviously called the bellstone fox and watched it a second time how good does it feel to be british and a bloody good watch wouldn't it be nice to bring it back and put a smile on everyone's face
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