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  1. Dave_4

    Child’s shotgun

    Just back from his lesson and he loved it, and shot really well https://youtu.be/grF2q2iKKcc
  2. Dave_4

    Child’s shotgun

    Thanks for the reply’s, I’ve booked him in for a half hour lesson, see what he thinks. Then if he’s hooked (fingers crossed, love for him to be my shooting buddy) I’ll measure him up and have a look at guns. I like the idea of a semi auto. Cheers
  3. Dave_4

    Child’s shotgun

    Thanks @bird can you get 20 bores to fit a child without it costing the earth, or will a standard one work?
  4. My son, soon to be 11 seems keen on shooting some clays. I was thinking of seeing if he could handle my 12 bore, but don’t want to put him off. If anyone has some experience/advice I’d love to hear it. Cheers Dave
  5. Dave_4

    The winds....

    I like your sun glasses, very modern
  6. Dave_4

    Saving the plums

    My parents have returned from their holiday, so the feeder has come down. Not that they like having the tree rats eat the fruit, but my mums a bit squeamish three mornings landed six squirrels and a skanky magpie that looked like it had been fighting the local cats, rather than leave it limping around with a busted wing, I put it out. Now, I know that after a head shot nerves keep firing, the last squirrel I hit with a shot between eye and ear was still “breathing“, never wanting anything to suffer and at the time not knowing that it was a good head shot, I gave a follow up head shot, still breathing! Three head shots before it stopped! The last two and the magpie, feeder will go back up at home now.
  7. Dave_4

    Saving the plums

    Controlling the squirrels is slightly easier than bugs, I lost all my greengages last year to insects! had a couple more this morning before work.
  8. The squirrels have started on my parents plum tree, so armed with my AirArms s410 and a tin of diabolo field, I’ve started on the squirrels. The feeder was only up for a few hours and had a couple of customers. I’ll be back there in a couple of days, hopefully with a few more tree rats to share.
  9. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    It was wobbling my head as they were so good before. But I should haven’t have put so much faith in hawke scopes
  10. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Have now sorted my ammo problems by buying a new scope
  11. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Now I’m lost, the last 100 rounds of the SK have been a bit random, a few flyers. Missed a squirrel last night, twice from the same place as always so I have the range nailed. Thought it may be my scope was I need of a zero, I have a target that’s permanently up, had a couple of shots snd from my aim point one was an inch high and left the second was an inch low and right. This has no put me off the sk’s, I need to be able just to pick up my rifle and and have confidence in it. So my question is, do I give the barrel a clean with a pull through or look at changing amo? I’ve put roughly 1000 rounds through it. Cheers
  12. Dave_4

    Five minutes work

    I had a couple before this, but didn’t want to post anything too graphic
  13. Filled up the squirrel feeder within five minutes these two had appeared,
  14. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Although I have committed to the sk’s, only having sub 1000 rounds with no more that I can find, I’ve gone back to look at the eley hp subs that grouped better, but suffered more with flyers. I still had a few leftover, and picking through them, a few bullets felt loose in the brass. Would this account for the flyers?
  15. As it’s been for 100’s of years, a scared population in a obedient population.