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  1. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Now I’m lost, the last 100 rounds of the SK have been a bit random, a few flyers. Missed a squirrel last night, twice from the same place as always so I have the range nailed. Thought it may be my scope was I need of a zero, I have a target that’s permanently up, had a couple of shots snd from my aim point one was an inch high and left the second was an inch low and right. This has no put me off the sk’s, I need to be able just to pick up my rifle and and have confidence in it. So my question is, do I give the barrel a clean with a pull through or look at changing amo? I’ve put roughly 1000 rounds through it. Cheers
  2. Dave_4

    Five minutes work

    I had a couple before this, but didn’t want to post anything too graphic
  3. Filled up the squirrel feeder within five minutes these two had appeared,
  4. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Although I have committed to the sk’s, only having sub 1000 rounds with no more that I can find, I’ve gone back to look at the eley hp subs that grouped better, but suffered more with flyers. I still had a few leftover, and picking through them, a few bullets felt loose in the brass. Would this account for the flyers?
  5. As it’s been for 100’s of years, a scared population in a obedient population.
  6. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    Not wanting to continue off topic but if it was illegal, then wouldn’t it also count for the fac air rifle users? They all use round pellets for vermin don’t they?
  7. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    @Rimfireboy! I bought the 950 rounds that shop had left. What’s the view on solid rounds for hunting? If you’re going for head shoots, it doesn’t matter, does it?
  8. Dave_4

    Pigeon pie

    Thanks for the reply’s, I’ll have a go this weekend and post up the results. How long should I leave the pigeons out to defrost? Cheers
  9. Dave_4

    Pigeon pie

    I’ve been given some frozen pigeons by a friend, would like to do a pie, anyone with a good recipe? cheers
  10. I haven’t mentioned it to the land owner, it’ll be gone by the end of the week.
  11. When I applied for my fac/sgc I received a letter from my gp with an invoice for £20 for the report, sent off a cheque all good. I then spoke to BASC about something else, who informed me that gp’s apparently aren’t allowed to charge for the report, I was going to chase it up but for £20 it would cost me more in time. My neighbour on the other hand was charged £60, so who knows. But if you are a member of BASC worth a call.
  12. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    After all of that, and planning on going with the SK, I find out it’s been discontinued ffs!
  13. Dave_4

    .22lr ammo testing

    A bit more testing this time 100 yards indoor five shot groups. Eley hp’s, Norma hp’s, SK hp’s and CCI segmented hp’s I like the SK’s, if it wasn’t for the flyers eley would be hands down winners.
  14. Dave_4

    Seeland rucksack question

    Thanks @The one nothing too exciting then cracking bag though, and only £28
  15. Its quite sad, I spoke to a gentleman in the gun shop about the lack of rabbits, he’s put it down to a few diseases that wiped big numbers out, but did say a couple of good warm summers and the numbers will come back.