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  1. I’ve started have a few issues with the accuracy of my .22lr. It has been a very accurate rifle, but out on the rabbits a couple of weeks ago and missed a few. I’m not claiming to never miss but at 50-60 yards off a solid base shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been to the range and every 3rd-4th shot was a flyer. The only thing that helped was removing the suppressor. the suppressor is clean regularly. Any thoughts?? Cheers
  2. Thanks for your reply’s, it is strange. The mod was throughly cleaned with the same results. What’s baffling me is that with the mod off, the rifle, scope and ammo shoot really well, 5 shots under a pound coin. I would leave it off but it’s not great for rabbit shooting. I may try swapping mod with a friend and see what happens.
  3. Just after some ideas/thoughts on an issue I’m having, haven’t shot my .22lr rifle in a while due to the bolt going away to have a spring replaced and work commitments. I’ve picked up some pest control on an estate, mainly rabbits with rats, pigeon etc. Thought best to check zero before going out first 4 shots bang on after that low and left, cleaned the barrel with a snake, the next four shots good then low and left again, tried the snake through the moderator again the same results. Removed the mod and all shot bang on cleaned the mod reattach same problem. I’m using same ammo as before noth
  4. I got it as I just fancied one, and at £195 I couldn’t say no ?
  5. Yeah, the cartridges aren’t cheep but he gets tired after 25 so shouldn’t be to bad for the moment ?? I have found that top leaver is quite stiff and clunky, hopefully it’ll loosen up over time.
  6. @FLATTOP nice ?? your stock looks in better condition than mine. Seems like a lot of gun for the money. Looking forward to giving it a go.
  7. Nice, has there been any pictures released yet?
  8. I’ve heard that the 457 is going to be around the £6-700 for the bass model.
  9. @Balaur they’re £499 new and as he’ll probably grow out of it in 4-5 years so it’s a no brainier.
  10. It the boys birthday tomorrow and I’ve picked him up a new 28g kofs youth stock with 26in barrels. Other than some real nasty nails, seconded hand o/u youth stock 28g weren’t much less than a new one after having to either drive to collect or have it transferred. I also want it to be something he would take pride in owning. I also picked my self up a small present AYA #4, just because I liked it, and it wasn’t lots of money ?
  11. Just back from his lesson and he loved it, and shot really well https://youtu.be/grF2q2iKKcc
  12. Thanks for the reply’s, I’ve booked him in for a half hour lesson, see what he thinks. Then if he’s hooked (fingers crossed, love for him to be my shooting buddy) I’ll measure him up and have a look at guns. I like the idea of a semi auto. Cheers
  13. Thanks @bird can you get 20 bores to fit a child without it costing the earth, or will a standard one work?
  14. My son, soon to be 11 seems keen on shooting some clays. I was thinking of seeing if he could handle my 12 bore, but don’t want to put him off. If anyone has some experience/advice I’d love to hear it. Cheers Dave
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