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  1. wilt

    Bitch for next season

    made into a tidy little bitch martin
  2. wilt


    my bitch was bushing up to 7 weeks of dropping very fit and it still lost them and now every season she as she thinks she having pups biting her nipples till they a raw atb
  3. wilt


    happened to my bitch lost first litter as above gave antibiotics second time 4 still born 1 bitch pup lived never bred from her again still in my kennels only got 1 eye through bushing in brambles 8 year old now still plodding on atb
  4. wilt

    wrecking crew

    sired some nice pups bosun cheers for the pic atb
  5. wilt

    wrecking crew

    knocked the nail on the head that's what happened mate
  6. wilt

    wrecking crew

    well said mate and they are still running the same blood lines
  7. wilt

    Bone men Lancashire

    lives round the corner from me good man ken
  8. wilt

    Any working Beagle pups

    sent you a pm mate
  9. did you get sorted my mate as a working beagle dog think it is 14 month old £100 pm me if interested I will give you his number he bought job lot only keeps bitches in wigan area

  10. wilt

    Bull lurcher pups

    well bred pups these I know the lad very well atb
  11. wilt

    Little runners

    nice looking litter mate and good breeding behind them pity I just got one or I would have been giving you a pm atb with them
  12. wilt


    used it not has good as the old stuff
  13. read it wrong not a clue
  14. half grey 1/4 collie 1/4 whippet
  15. wilt

    Dogs not tieing

    me to mate but its nice to know there is a chance she could have pups off a non tie mating hope everything goes well mate