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  1. read it wrong not a clue
  2. half grey 1/4 collie 1/4 whippet
  3. wilt

    Dogs not tieing

    me to mate but its nice to know there is a chance she could have pups off a non tie mating hope everything goes well mate
  4. wilt

    Dogs not tieing

    they don't have to tie to have pups happened couple of years ago mate fetched his greyhound to my whippet dog had to restrain her got in her a couple ov times for afew seconds thought she didn't catch got phone call one morning she had five pups so you may have chance mate atb
  5. wilt

    new recruit

    looks like you picked the right bitch martin good luck with her mate
  6. wilt

    Black Pudding

    black pud and mustard lubberly my old man said you can eat every thing on a pig bar its grunt
  7. wilt

    Ex Forces?

    as riohog
  8. wilt

    Ex Forces?

    same as above
  9. wilt

    Bushing Pups For Sale

    thought these would have gone by now martin good luck find good working homes for the couple you have left mate
  10. wilt

    Dog Jabs

    like donny says i have used them for years not had a problem with any of my dogs
  11. wilt

    barnsley lads

    always one pmsl
  12. wilt

    Wrecking Crew

    see your after a bull x pup mr powers so i take it you will not want a pie bred or a w crew pup because they double up lol
  13. wilt

    Wrecking Crew

    i told you that call was shit
  14. wilt

    Wrecking Crew

    seen your party trick with 2 fox calls macky 1 in your mouth and 1 up your arse lol