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  1. hes looking well chris ATB. B
  2. that looks like ste roberts stood at the back ov the dogs with tweed jacket and jeans on' he judged one or two shows back then ..
  3. the first dog in F.P pics tig.. was ellies father mate... ATB..B
  4. was that the R.F book.. THE SETT.. waz.
  5. busher


  6. busher


    he came from same town as me... r.i.p
  7. be comeing over for that pall' I new ste wasn't in good health didn't know hed passed though mate' bred some good grafters he did...
  8. busher


    nice marked pups' dam and sire nice dogs two.. ATB..B
  9. hes doing realy well pall' fits in well with rest to' he cant half motor through that cover to for is age and just started speaking..
  10. just receved my collers del' there spot on mate just what I want for lurcher thay will get some stick mate and I will keep you posted on the stuff' but thay look as good as the B.F bio gear I have here.. ATB..B
  11. sorry to here that chris' always a bad do weather there young or old.. ATB.B
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