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  1. long dogs


    he,s a nice big lump
  2. looks a nice sort, hope it goes well for you
  3. same to you digger.all the best for next year
  4. scum bags, hope they get returned danny
  5. hello and welcome,go nocking on farmers doors good luck
  6. ive seen them with white feathers on wings but never a pure white one
  7. wll done lukey and dogs,good picture of the fox
  8. having best team of diggers or best dog
  9. glad he on the mend mate,all the best with it
  10. its a horrid disease mate,ive got one that survived.when i got it i looked on net it said to jab the bitch prior to mating, then give the pup parvo jab at 6 weeks then the other at 8 weeks and the last one at 10 weeks,
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